Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Your Senses are for Tasting His Love

When one is born with a body, the mind comes with all the senses and drives one forcibly, blinding the vision, so that one fails to assess things in the right perspective. One who undertakes all activities while remembering Guru or God, will be able to tolerate whatever blows are received in life; and, will find the senses and desires become friends, giving the feeling that they have all been beneficial. Otherwise, one would have been helpless in madness or grief.
When Life exists in the body, then does it stay in visible form? You talk about senses, mind, intelligence and ego, are all these visible? That is, are these matter? When Life is in the body, then it is alive. This is the manifestation of Life. Similarly, senses and intelligence, etc., can be observed when functioning in a living body. The function of the senses are being manifested in the body. You see again, at old age or owing to disease the functioning of certain senses are crippled, in spite of the existing body. Now the question is, where do these senses go? Many times there is loss of intelligence, memory fails. There is disability of speaking, loss of eye sight. One becomes hard of hearing, though there are ears the eardrum is not functioning. There are eyes, but no sight. When a certain mechanism of the body fails, then the particular sense mechanism cannot function. But the question is, where do the senses exist? Mark seriously what I mean. I hope you have understood the question. When the body itself does not exist, where do the senses stay? Even when the body exists, sometimes the senses stop functioning. Now try to realize the facts.
God is the sound of your heartbeat, making love to you twenty-four hours a day.
We have come here to do all sorts of acting. We have come here as guests. I am here with this body. Just maintain the body. Nothing else. Body is not mine. I have taken that Ashram (body) as a temporary place to enjoy Him in the Maya also. When we have come here, we have come with mind, senses, desires and attachments. We shall have to give something to them. If you stop everything, they will revolt.
The veil of desire is the compact body.
Follow your desires. Do not force them into a special pattern.
At the time of birth sexual urges have been invited. They have come with us. You should not bother for that. We should not disturb them, automatically He will take them over. If you go to disturb, ultimately there will be difficulty.
Sexual orgasm is temporary and cannot compare to orgasm with Him.
Wedded to Him you reach a Divine orgasm becoming united with your True Nature.
Lust and desire are being destroyed from within. Lust and desire are not, the moment you are in Him.
You are the worst criminal if you starve your senses. These are your guests, come to help you relish His Love and Bliss!
How is it possible to give up the senses by Jap (counting repetitions of Divine Name)? That is why I say, do your duty, remember Him. That is enough, more than enough.

Don't create an ivory tower. Let your senses and mind do any manner of antics. If you starve them, you are the worst criminal. You cannot then do the Asva-Medha (let your senses run their course and turn inward) and Rajasuya (sacrifice your ego).
Neither resist, nor indulge.
Don't go against your nature. Let your inner drives lead your senses wherever they will. Be a passive spectator of the drama. No asceticism, no austerity, no penance, no physical calisthenics, no mechanical muttering of mystic syllables. All these are egotistic activities. Your inner fullness can dawn only when the ego is fleeced off. Only then you are in the wantless state. It is the limited mind that constantly suffers from wants.
Live, but live in tune with Him.
With birth we have invited and come with certain desires, lusts, passions and greed. So you shall have to give something to them. If you stop everything, they will revolt. Moksha (liberation), you won't get other than Him. When the senses are pleased, they will accompany you. That is called Manjari (a mind that is pure and blossoming with His Love like a flower).
Mind is taken up with the senses. If there is mind, there are senses. Without them, how can there be realization?
God does not fill, but instead takes away cravings for material and sensual needs.
The belief that senses are our enemy is absolutely incorrect. The moment we have this physical body, we have invited them and we cannot exist a second without their help. The senses have an essential role. Unless they are satisfied, we can hardly expect their cooperation in helping us to rise above this physical level of body consciousness. The senses may be suppressed for the time being, but the time will come when they will take the inescapable revenge. But, those who are conscious of their role know that these very senses will turn inward in time and will become the internal ladder to help them climb to the plane of Divine Consciousness. 

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