Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Your Destiny is Truth

Destiny is Satyanarayan (Supreme Truth). Do not worry.
You may work out your plan, but His plan may be otherwise, though only apparently. He manifests Himself not to destroy, not to checkmate, but to fulfill. Amidst universal flux, His Will alone is indeterminably active all the while. The flux around is static in its determinate conventional gyrating.
Gradually it will be realized by the aspirants as to how all events and circumstances, great and small, within and without, have been subtly planned and brought about by the Infinite Wisdom to work out the imperfection and work in the Perfection, and to carry out the natural process of bringing out harmony with the Eternal Source of our Life, the Self.
Everything is predestined.
Your only duty is to bear destiny or fate with patience.
Whatever He has destined for humanity, good or bad, is for a great cause. He is Ever-merciful.
Bear with calm fortitude your Prarabdha (destined unfolding of all aspects of life). Otherwise, how can you immolate (destroy, sacrifice) the beast in you? To bear your Prarabdha is the only penance that is of any avail. To renounce the world, to rein the senses, to practice austerities are nothing but egoistic self-aggrandizement.
Prarabdha initiates Prarabdha. Prarabdha is intensified by prayer.
When you are in the domain of Nature, you have to acquiesce in Prarabdha. Prarabdha must have its course.
The Guru will lead you through the deserts of Prarabdha. Don't you be anxious on that score. Prarabdha cannot be fleeced off without the emergence of Love.
So, resort to the Mahanam and become wide awake in the atmosphere of Love Divine to get rid of the fetters of fate.
If you love Him, Prarabdha withers away, and then He takes you to Vraja (Supreme State). He strips one of all vestures so one cannot even be an instrument.
Addiction to His Love will minimize slowly the vehemence of Prarabdha. One has to bear with fortitude the inrush of Prarabdha. This is the esoteric Truth.
Unless and until one's Prarabdha is full, until one is merged with Him, one's mind will have to come back, will have to again take a body in this world.
Nobody knows how destiny works until the end of life. Try to live every day of your life in such a way, that in the end you have the consolation that you have successfully utilized all the days and years with the gifts of body, mind and Prana (Life) bestowed by God on you.
He is the destiny.

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