Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Pathways to Truth: God's Name and Love

Nam and Prema (Divine Love) are the only way to Him. And that way, too, is your Existence.
He is standing on the way with outstretched arms. You just turn toward Him, you will see that He is awaiting you a hundred thousand times more anxiously than you. Is there any end to His patience? But, we are all fools. Our egos are destroying us.
Put your devotion or Love to the Absolute and find Him through your Self.
Divine Name is the only path.
The remembrance of Him amidst your work is an act of love. So love is the path to Truth. This insures integrity of character and purity of conduct.
Remembering Him is the only path.

To know Truth, there must be intense yearning, sincerity and right conduct. How far can one get It (Truth) through the mind and intellect? It is the mind and intellect that has created all the confusion. At the time of arrival in the mother's womb, He has already made arrangements for the milk for us in the mother's breasts. Just think about that. How merciful He is. He has revealed Truth to us, even before our birth. We do not see that we have taken birth with Truth. There is nothing new. And, Truth never goes away. Then, how can one make It anew? It is already there.
He is always within you, do not worry. You will always feel His Presence, which will guide you.
Don't you worry. Your Travel Agent will guide you unerringly, for you have resigned yourself to Him. He has tightened His arms around you only for your safe anchorage. Do not look back. Be an onlooker through His specks, seated as you are in His lap always.
You are free in your spiritual pursuit and need not depend on anyone for your goal to be realized.
Your experiences with Truth are working within you to find spontaneous expression in time. Don't be in a hurry. Let It come when It chooses, as an outpouring of your heart. Only, do not slam the doors against It. Rather be waiting like the Ramayana Savari for Its beatific event.
Your Nature will lead you toward your goal.
We are moving and talking. So long as we are moving and talking, there is some Power within. No need of going anywhere. He is within. No question of realization. Try to catch Him, what He is doing inside. After that, no need of anything.
For one who gets the taste or touch of His Love, none can stop his or her progress in the blissful path.
Follow your own True Nature.
Our heart is the true pilgrimage. Due to ignorance and superstition we run from place to place in search of Him.
What is the aim of education? The aim is to develop Self-inquiry. Who am I? Why did I take this body? Which path should I follow? What is my duty? We get so attached to our temporary worldly pleasures that we often deviate from the fundamental goal of our life. This attachment is the result of age long superstition. Real education frees one from the bondage of superstition. Education without spiritual aim is never perfect. The aim of flawless education is to make a person. The definition of a person is Love.
Why should you go anywhere for Him? Why should you go to the Himalayas, or other places? You come here (to this world), be careful about that. You come here for certain work. You will have to do it. You are a guest. Just stay here and enjoy yourself. Enjoy Him also and go back. That's enough.
The Absolute Himself will show you the way.
There is no escape from Him. Nam will do the needful. All else is abortive action.
Dadaji has nothing to do with Darwinian evolution. Nor does He advocate any process, any climbing stairs. If Reality is One, no such segmentation and stratification is possible. In fact, He is realizing Himself through you, me and everybody. His immensity is lived in a twinkle of supernal Light. We do not need borders. We induct them to suit our thought habits. Let not your intuition be self-delusion. At a moment of emotional upsurge or stress the mind is off its wonted rails (habitual patterns), is in a fluid state and seems to intuit Truth. The upsurge minus its contributory cause is quite all right. But, we can seldom shake it off. In other words, Truth is negation, not intellectual of course, of all fancied possession. It is stark nudity. That is why we are to witness ourselves being Void in order that He may manifest His Fullness within us. We glibly talk of transcending. What will you transcend? Can you transcend your body and yet remain a lump of flesh and blood? Let us negotiate the matter from another standpoint. A snake is furiously darting toward you. What will you do? You have fear. You have a sense of aggression and the urge for self protection. Will you fancy the snake being He, Himself, and start embracing it? This is fashionable mysticism turned to lunacy, a sheer hypocrisy.
You go on searching for Him by counting beads and meditating with closed eyes. You can never have Him, not in countless million births, if you follow these practices.
Look, by doing all this jiggery pokery (Mantras, beads, self-denial, sacrifice, prayer, meditation, etc.), we have become completely confounded and have lost the way. We have to go to Shyambazar, but we are walking toward Diamond Harbor (referring to two opposite locations in Calcutta). Shall we ever reach Shyambazar if we take the wrong road? It is the same story in the world of Religion. The path in fact, He has shown. What you have received directly from Him (Mahanam), keep doing that. Know that to be truly the one and only path. That way alone is liberation, realization, and salvation. Those who have taken resort in Satyanarayan may fearlessly walk over any holy place, over any image of deity. For they have no sense of agency. Why not turn your face to know Him residing within you all? See how easy and natural the path is. Complete self-surrender to the Absolute with the help of Mahanam is the only path for Mukti (liberation), Prapti (realization) and Uddhara (salvation).
Your mode of understanding is self-defeating. So long as I (ego) persists, He is not. When He is, I am not.
Search out the Inner Soul from behind the veil of self-consciousness.
You are your own pathfinder.
You, yourself, are Narayan (supported by the Supreme within).

Walk neither ahead of Him, nor behind Him. Walk in step with Him. Path and goal are the same in the end analysis.
No amount of Yoga, meditation, or austerity can lead you anywhere near the Truth. You cannot reach Supreme Wisdom through knowledge or by any other means. The only way to Truth is complete self resignation and Divine Love. Your Existence is the way. In fact, no question of the way comes in at all. You have nothing to get, nothing to do, to achieve It (Truth). For, your Existence is your goal. 

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