Wednesday, 13 November 2013

No Spiritual Practices are Required - Ritual


We have come to this world as so many brimful jars, Purna Kumbha. You are full of Him. You are purified by bathing in this inner fullness of Him, not by any outside ritual.
Beware of rituals and dogmas. Do not go after the form. Grasp the meaning behind the form.
We must not try to bind Him by any ritualism, superstition or creed.
Without the state of Bliss coming from a direct communion with Him, no other way attached to Sadhana (spiritual practices), or Bhajan (singing praises of God), Jap (ceremonial mental repetition of Divine Name), Tapasya (penance), enables one to come under His notice. Afflicted by desire and staying without the practices of devoted love with complete surrender, such persons following Jap Tap get entangled in their desire and develop the ego.
Jap, Tap, Sadhana, Sannyas (renunciation), Yoga (mental and physical exercises), rites and rituals, no one can know Him through these things because the I-sense, the ego-principle, is lurking behind all these acts. So long as the ego exists one cannot know Him. You can never know Him through mind.  

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