Tuesday, 12 November 2013

His Grace is Mahanam

His Nature is All-merciful and All-graceful. The Grace and Mercy constitute the real Form.
One who worships Name (Mahanam) as Truth receives the Grace of God.
On even once becoming eager to surrender unto Him, you will see the power of His Grace. He is already showering His Grace. Where are we able to receive it? Holding onto Him with resolve is indeed experiencing the manifestation of His Grace.
Submit to Satyanarayan, the Supreme Consciousness. Disengage yourself from your ego. Let your I (ego) abdicate in favor of Him and through His Infinite Grace you are Blessed with the sound and vision of that Mahanam.
As you have met Him direct and you have received His Grace, you have nothing to worry about. He is with you to guide you to the right path, leave it to Him.
Those who are my Own are always with me. Whatever happens to them, happens for their good. Maybe sometime their load of sufferings is very heavy. Know it to be certain all are manifestations of His Supreme Grace.
He (Dadaji) does not dispense anything like Grace. Rather he comes along with it.
Grace comes directly from Him. Your Dada also has no role in this matter. Dada is just another person like you all.
Without His Grace, nothing can be understood. Can you say to what extent your science is able to understand?
Divine Grace will descend upon you only if your mind is bereft of ego and your heart void of desires.
Nobody feels grateful that He, Who is All-merciful, continuously showers His Grace on His created beings. He always waits to relieve.
Be of good cheer. Your relations are His Grace embodied unto you. Be with that Grace and have faith in Him. Let His Will be done.
You have received His Grace, don't worry.
Mind has to be turned inward. Then inside and outside will become One. Then will you be awake. By His Grace you will do everything and then also do nothing.
Everything must be done in a natural way. Mind must follow its own nature. Any effort to control the mind makes it all the more restless. Let the mind follow its own course and remember Mahanam. This Eternal Sound smooths up the artificial barrenness of life with a shower of Divine Grace. In the course of time it is this mind, but transformed, that leads the seeker to realize his or her true Divine and Blissful Nature.

One has nothing else to desire for other than His Grace, which makes a person's life glorious and significant. Otherwise, one is just born to die without purpose. So seek His Grace, do not worry. He is favoring us forever with His Grace. The Mahanam is constantly ringing in our hearts.   

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