Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Truth is Beyond Your Mind

Don't try to understand Him. The Truth is beyond the plane of mind and is One.
Is it ever possible to know the Supreme Being with the mind and intellect? On being called ardently, with complete surrender, He embraces the devotee immediately. On your advancing one step toward Him, He advances a hundred steps toward you. He cries all the twenty-four hours for His devotees.
When your heart is in love with Him and entwined with Him, why do you worry about your mind? When the time comes, He will control your mind. Now, let the mind be as it is.
People always want God, Bhagawan (Lord), or Truth to suit according to their mental pictures or images. Where there is mind, there must be actions and reactions and waves of desires. Satyanarayan (Supreme Truth) is beyond mind and intellect, beyond one's reach but Dearest to all, residing within as pure Existence, as Life. Those who don't try to understand or assess Him, He holds them firmly by the hand. He remains far, far away from those who try to understand Him.
Unless you are shorn of your ego and are beyond your mind, you cannot be in tune with Him. Where there is mind, there is meaning. So, don't try to understand Him.
He alone is but Brahman (Essence of Existence). All else are Candalas (outcasts, consuming the dead). The mind is a Candala.
Your means of comprehension does itself shut out comprehension. By which means will you grasp Him, Who is Unlimited, Infinite? Do not try to understand Him.
My mind is talking something. His mind is talking something. Her mind is talking something. But, we do not know the A B C D of anything. Nobody knows anything. Nobody can say anything. He (Dadaji) can write you, he can tell you, he can show you that a person has got no power. But, a person has got full Power, Absolute Power within. We are moving, so there is Something within.
The mind cannot see the things of the world by itself. It has always to depend upon the five senses and they present a babble of pictures to it. Then the laws of physical Nature impose diverse restrictions on the mind. Thus the entire spectacle, the world, is veiled from the mind. Where there is mind, there is meaning. The mind sees the pageantry of this world, but in fact it sees nothing. The mind itself is a penetration of opposites. It is the matrix of all polarization and contradiction.
Unless one is free from the covers of mind's compulsions (in relation to one's bodily and external attachments), one cannot come closer to Him, to the state of Vraja (Supreme), where physicalities don't exist. Covers of mind are hindrances to being in Vraja. So, those whom He Loves, He does not allow them to keep the covers of mind. Your duty is to keep patience only.
A person has no vision, no eyes, cannot distinguish between right and wrong, true and false. A person is the slave of mind, which is crammed with age-old Sanskaras (superstitions) through which the person acts and reacts.

When one becomes prompted by the restless waves of mind, as a natural reaction one invites more Prarabdha, and therefore gets more and more estranged from the potential flow of one's true Divine Nature.
Don't disturb the mind.
People generally tend to swing between two extremes. That is the result of action and reaction on the mental plane. You be with the Whole.
A person's mind runs like a horse. Every moment millions of thoughts rise and fall in the mind with tremendous restlessness. Again, when one's mind says, "Oh, Govinda," and takes His Sharan (remembrance), it gets calmed down and the heart gets filled with a unique sense of Love.
The mind should have a taste of suffering.
Since a person's actions are generally prompted by the dictates of an unstable mind, God ignores the lapses.
When the mind becomes controlled through muttering of Nam (Divine Name) one attains some Vibhuti (miraculous powers), but that too withers away. But, when one finds Nam all about, finds that yonder woman, man, the flora, the vacant space are all Name immersing in and emerging from the Infinity, then where is the mind?
The mind is fickle but the Vital Principle is steady and does not waver either way. Truth Itself reveals Truth.
It is the mind that is female. When one goes beyond mind, no sense of masculine or feminine persists. So long as the mind persists, how can one be a male?
Mind is female (Prakriti). He alone is Male (Purusha). Purusha is beyond you and me.
Mind is Dhritarashtra, the blind King (character in the Bhagavad Gita) and fickle. One should not trust the mind always.
You cannot see because mind intervenes.
Mortal being is diverted to various directions and is enslaved by different confusions arising out of compulsions of mind, senses and intellect. This creates feelings of happiness and misery, profit and loss, near and distant relation, good and evil. To bear these compulsions with patience and fortitude, and the Name of God implanted in your mind, will naturally bring about freedom and purification.
What arises from the mind is a distortion of Truth.
Mind itself is the bondage. Mind is unlimited in wants. Mind means wants. No question of subconscious mind. The whole body is full of mind's nature. In the brain which in Tantra is called Sahasrara, is the mind, King of the senses, which moves the body. His Mind moves the Creation. And a time comes when a person's mind automatically becomes Zero, freed. How? He comes. And through Mahanam, by His Presence, that is Satyanarayan, mind automatically starts loving qualities. The mind when attuned to Him is Radha (consort of Lord Krishna).

The mind enchains the ubiquitous (existing everywhere at the same time) Soul.
Happiness that is perceived by mind is only a diversion from the true path and it is only a temporary phase.
World of mind has no stability, no selfish.
Mental love is worth nothing, for the mind is fickle. Today it is after one thing and tomorrow after another. But, His Love is Infinite.
Don't you worry. Worry makes you the doer. He is doing, so don't bother for anything.
Mind and matter are nothing but One.
Rise above the mind and intellect. But how? Nature will do it. You put in effort and He will invariably confound you.
He sent us here to relish Rasa (tasting His Love). That is why He gave us the mind. He, Himself, is holding us fast all the while. The seat of mind is Sahasrara and Govinda resides in the heart. When the mind slowly moves down to the heart, it becomes Radha. Then starts the Leela of Radha and Govinda. In the vacuous region which is Infinite within, two sounds are constantly sounding. When these two sounds go off, the mind shrinks and a person dies. When the mind can resort to another body, it buds forth again. When those two sounds of Mahanam stop, it is death. Then the mind shrinks and the person is merged in pervasive Existence.
Divine Grace will descend upon you only if your mind is bereft of ego and your heart void of desires.
Mind must come in a natural, effortless, spontaneous way to Him.
Mind's tendencies and nature, if indulged, drive a person like an unbridled horse. Unless the mind is at rest or brought to rest, a person cannot taste the Nectar of His Love. By remembrance of Mahanam with loving submission, the bridle of the mind gets automatically controlled and the sense of happiness, sorrow, reputation, fame and defame automatically drop off, or slip out, even though its sting be present to begin with. Be with that Dearest Friend, then there is nothing to fear.
It is the nature of the mind to run and run. Even Sadhus (holy men), Yogis, Sannyasis (renunciates) and Rishis (sages) cannot check or control the mind by themselves. Only by doing one's Karmas (daily activities) with Nama Sharan (remembrance of Supreme Name), for His Name and He are the same, can one get one's mind stabilized. Let mind follow mind's compulsions and dictations. You do your work.
Sadhu, Yogi, Muni (seer), Rishi even doing hard penance for Ages, cannot restrain the mind. So, let mind be your friend to take you to natural courses. Then you will feel life will be so joyful.
When you sleep, mind function and ego cease to exist. Suppose you are going to work, mind function exists. When you start that work, you go beyond the mind.

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