Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Human Birth, a Rare Gift

This human birth is the rarest of all births. So try to live this life keeping Him in view.
In the body's birth, how many changes take place right from the embryonic stage in the mother's womb, right up to the arrival on the earth? This is the course of Nature. Why only for a person's body? All living creatures undergo such changes until a stage when they come to a stop. After that starts the body's decay and the ultimate decay is the body's death. And He, Who comes to light in the body in the embryonic stage in the mother's womb, that Being (Atma or Soul) remains unchanging, always in one state, even when the body keeps undergoing changes. The growth or decay of the body causes no loss or gain to Him.
The hand that rocks your cradle is All-Love and is at the Nativity of all Existence.
Don't you worry. The Master will take Life upon your corpse and will do the needful.
It is the birth that is painful. The fetus raises a frantic alarm during the last one month. Death is (compared to that) of no concern.
Of course, in some sense it is mechanical because a newborn baby cannot grow into a full-fledged person in a moment miraculously. He or she must grow through a process and this process is also called Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life). Prarabdha means you have to undergo some predestined process both physically and mentally. Remember even Nature has no hand in it. So do not be afraid of Prarabdha, or of its turns. Self is above and beyond all these.
Can you believe in your Self and your Existence? Can you deny it?
His Love cannot escape the cycles of births and deaths full of miseries.
Often we hear that birth is the result of the actions and reactions of our previous life and there is a continuity of birth and death until it is relieved of the bondage. Hence our sufferings also continue until the end of bondage. That the sufferings are the results of the bygone births is a wrong conception, because it is not only the individual who suffers but the society and even the state suffers as well. Now the society or the state has no bygone births. Then why should they suffer? The fact is that when an individual first appears in the womb of the mother, matter forms instantly. At that stage mind lies in a state of inertia. But remember, mind and matter are nothing but One. With their gradual manifestation the differences in them are identified. From that state the individual is in the domain of Nature (Prakriti) and a series of phenomena determine his or her every development. Sometimes it seems mechanical.
This body itself is Prarabdha. It is not the result of bygone births, which is nothing but a creation of the priests and Gurus for the achievement of mundane gains in their respective professions. Unconsciously and inevitably our bodies develop and decay in their own way.
Being born with a human body in this world is itself destiny. One who has a taste for His Love wants to be born again and again with a human body, because this taste of His Love cannot be possible other than in this human birth.

Try to know your birth, why you have come here and what is your purpose. The Almighty has never created us for suffering or bondage or agony. Rather, He suffers for us that when we are born, we forget His Purpose. The ego is the root cause of our sufferings and bondage. Complete surrender to Him is the only way to get rid of ego and then to know one's purpose, which is to enjoy this Play of the Divine. Then we understand what is birth.  

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