Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Almighty is One

Almighty is not a conception. He is a Reality. He controls everything.
The word Bhagawan (Absolute Lord) or Divine Being is Reality, or Universal Bliss. It is the abstract idea of Zero, One, and Brahma (Divine Essence of Existence).
The Absolute is not bound by any condition.
All is Absolute, everyone, everything! Only by your fragmented vision you see parts.
Nobody knows who is He. It is not a symbol, not a deity, but Truth, the Self. The question of difference in faith does not arise at all. He is the pivotal point of this Creation. He is the vitality of our Life Force.
He is the Source, the Energy, the Life.
There is only One Substance, and It is constantly changing form. This is He or the Divine, without name or form, yet containing all name and form.
He is steady, unchangeable, waveless, full of constant, desireless Love, Mercy and Beauty. He is Truth.
He is Satyanarayan, the Absolute Truth (Satya) and the basal resort of all (Nara means person; Ayan is support). He is the symbol of community of all Religion.
Satyanarayan transcends all Leela (Divine Play), but He is all sport.
Satyanarayan transcends the worldly plane, even the Krishna state. Here All is not, yet All is. Infinite is infinitude. I and thou are merged in One. Even pure devotion and Love is not.
He is neither one, nor many. How can I describe in words what He is? He cannot be realized by your own efforts.
He has nothing to do with any hard and fast rule.
He is the Truth. He is within you. Other than Him, you cannot do anything.
He is everywhere, horizontally and vertically too. That is to say, He is around.
He is in All and All are in Him.
He is Ever-steady, All-merciful. He helps and guides those who follow Him in His Sharan (remembrance). Dependence upon people is unnecessary.
He is such a loving Father! Just you see, leave things to Him for a moment. He asks nothing of you. He sees no faults. For Him there is no virtue or vice. He is so easily satisfied by your just remembering Him once!
He resides in the heart of each living being. One has only to search Him within.

He is such a Lover!
He is both within and without, giving you Life and loving you constantly.
He is in everything, everywhere. He is endless. He stays in every entity, pervading the entire universe. He is with him (Dadaji), in him.
He is my own and is with me. He is my Nature. How can I then get Him? He is Himself, and I ,too, am He.
He, Himself, resides in each and every human being, even in every particle of the universe.
He is never in contact with anybody, yet He encompasses all.
Guru never dies. He is Immortal and Eternal. He has no birth, death, decay nor even bondage. He is not static, but is a dynamic Force.
Don't forget His Will. He is doing everything. Just depend on Him, which you have received (Mahanam).
He is certainly chanting the Name around the clock.
What do you care if you do everything through Him? He is at once in virtue and vice, in piety and impiety. He alone can enjoy in the truest sense of the term.
He is your Nearest and Dearest.
He is close to our breathing, nearer than our hands and feet. He is everywhere and everything.
He is doing (everything, giving life, chanting Mahanam) 24 hours a day but we are in darkness. We do not know.
Everybody is God. Each and everything is God. Other than God, there is nothing. All over the universe, thousands of universes, it is all His Creation.
He is Ever-present, Eternal and All-embracing.
Above all, He is All-blissful, All-merciful. Human beings may run away from Him, not want Him, still He is always with them, ever helpful.

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