Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Intellect Cannot Understand Truth

Bookish intelligence, Vedantic (religious doctrine) intelligence could not fathom Him.
Supreme Essence is neither true nor false. To try to expound or interpret It is sheer impertinence.
Listen, do not try to understand with your intelligence. The moment you disturb yourself with your intelligence, mind becomes supreme and it will create confusion. Quarreling on questions of virtue and vice, good and bad....these ideas are reflections of mind. He is above all these things.
Truth is within you. It is your True Nature. You can't realize It through the agency of your intellect and reason, or through the ways and means of science.
Do not try to measure Divine Wisdom by the yardstick of your limited mind and intellect. These intellectuals are completely blind. They want to follow their books and Truth is something else.
You are in a state of befogged intellect, in the state of mental modifications. You won't get Him this way.
Argument has no place. Don't try to understand Him. Try to love Him. He is the Father. Don't try to realize Him. Do your duty.
Do not try to understand Him. He is beyond comprehension and scholarship.
All these medical doctors, lawyers, scientists are all mental. In any circumstances, they cannot go beyond mind. They have got no right.
It is better not to try to understand Him by your intelligence. You will ever miss Him.
Whom would you understand? Him? The philosophy of a single word? He, Who is not grasped by anyone in the world? Nobody can do Prema (Love) except He. For nobody's perspective is absolutely innocuous. You are eating, doing this and that, still, you are doing none of them. What we see, we see wrongly. If you can keep company of That (Satyanarayan), then That is beyond Vraja. But, we keep company of this (body).
Why do you want to realize? Don't go for understanding. Don't go through arguments or through anything. I tell you don't try to argue. If you argue, you won't be able to realize Him your whole life long.
You have received (Mahanam) at the time of birth, by Maya you have forgotten. Again now, you have received. That is enough. Do your work, and try to establish that Truth. Not anybody's Truth, not Dadaji's also. Try to love Him. He is within you. You are talking, moving, so He is with you. When He is off, that body will be finished. So, Who is He?
Truth is Eternal but remains shrouded in a mystery. And, know that mind and intellect have no power to pierce that mystery. The stupid intellect's perception of differences confounds people in a variety of ways. See how material science keeps changing from Age to Age. What is at one time established as true, gets overthrown sometime later. Don't you know Nature moves at a furious rate? There is no beginning or end of this movement. It is Eternal.

Intelligence, what do you mean by intelligence? That is also one kind of ego.
Nobody knows anything whatsoever.
Skepticism, if not honest, is the trait of a weak mind. Skeptics try our fidelity to Truth and are our friends on that score. To understand is to stand apart. Truth can only be lived. You are inspired when He breathes into your being and you become a vehicle of Truth unawares.
Limited knowledge cannot lead to perfection.
Without His Grace, nothing can be understood. Can you say to what extent your science is able to understand?
Science does not have the key to all human problems.
Teachers and commentators even today have not been able to free us of doubt. The reason is that each person explains according to his or her own mind. On seeing with unfragmented vision no such divisions and differences remain. Before work or action there arises a desire. After that, through action, one attains different kinds of knowledge. The light of wisdom comes from action and the light of action comes from wisdom. Where is the conflict? When action and wisdom become unified, then one is drowned in Supreme Bliss. In that state, one comes into an extraordinary experience. This then is called Divine Love.
Wisdom is knowing you are only an actor. Ignorance is when you think you are not.
Wisdom leads to virtue and moral excellence.
How will you get at the Truth? How will you reach Supreme Knowledge by empiric knowledge?  What is manifested through undivided attunement with Him is called Supreme Knowledge.
The Divine Truth that throbs in the heart of each person reveals Itself not through intellectual inquisitiveness or speculations, but through Love and Love only.
Where is the conflict between philosophy and science? All is One. One person experiences, another sees. One person decorates the world within. If one is able to unify the inner and the outer, all confusion will be dispelled. Seeing as separate is fragmented knowledge. All must be seen, all must be understood with undifferentiated perception. You will be able to do it.  Just live with Him. When you find Him, you will realize that there is no distinct Existence to be felt. Neither He nor you will be there. He neither comes nor goes. There is then no intelligence, no understanding business.


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