Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Humanity is One

There is only one human race. Division, segmentation and classification are mental fictions.
Look! All humanity is one caste. We have broken up this one caste through the means of communities and sects and have created differences. On top of that we have Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jain, how many other hundreds of differences without end in humanity. All this is human creation. Know these differences to be one great falsehood. Only for serving self-interest have these differences been created. Above all is the fearsome creation of the difference of the rich and the poor, through sheer greed. Know that these differences alone are responsible for all the turmoil in the midst of humanity. The sense of differences goes away by full vision, by seeing everyone as equal and behaving accordingly. Our divisive sense is much more mean compared to that of animals. On satisfaction of hunger and thirst the bestiality of animals disappears for some time. But there is no end to the hunger and thirst of people.
He (Dadaji) has no distinction between Hindus, Muslims and Christians. To Him there is only one caste, called humanity. And there is no difference between a man and a woman. Humanity  is One. Truth is One.
There is one universal human race. Basically there is no class, caste, creed or sectarianism, and what we see today is all manmade. We are the Children of the same Father. So how can there be a difference or distinction? In fact, the caste or class system is based in self-interest of a few and is not only meaningless, it is baseless. It only serves the interest of a few in their game and political gamble, at the cost of many. Castes came two or three thousand years ago, not before that.
At one time for the sake of convenience, all works were divided. But, there were no caste differences. In spite of differences in qualities, "All humanity is one caste," was the guiding principle. In the course of time, caste differences got created. A Brahmin will not become a cobbler even on running a shoe shop, and a cobbler will not become a Brahmin even on studying the Vedas. Look, what frightful conduct developed amongst us! No importance remained attached to qualities and works. All importance was decided on the basis of the birth horoscope. What sin can be worse than that? Look for the true Substance, don't be bound up in superstition.
All humanity is basically One. All differences based on caste, creed, color, language or Religion are created by people. They are not real, but artificial and superfluous. Unity is Real. Diversity is unreal. Humanity is One. Language is One. Religion is One.  
Let Truth be installed and you will find communism in actuality.
All hearts are united with His Heart. All existences merge into His Existence. All divergent forms take One Universal Form. All Creation becomes One. Humanity is then One, the Heart is One, it's Language is One. It is in fact, One. It rejoices in It's Own Self. Nothing but Bliss remains.

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