Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Divine Consciousness is Within and Without

Choose your center of coordinates properly. If your Consciousness has its center of coordinates in Him, all manifestation and non-manifestation appear as your own Self. Only One Existence is perceived. But, if you do not reside in Him, if your center of coordinates is in Energy, variously known as Maya or Prakriti (physical Nature), you conceive yourself as a separate entity divided by the walls of body, concrete matter and ego.
If that Consciousness once grips you, your entire life instantly molds into a Rasa-Leela (Divine Play of His Love). You discover yourself as a delicious damsel of matchless beauty, being nurtured by the tours de amour of Lord Krishna.
It is an absence in presence that is Vraja-Leela (Supreme Play). A sharing of Consciousness is the acme of it. Being in tune with Him you create the Eternal Truth of your life. You can create because it is right there in your insensitive heart eternally. You create the uncreated to recreate your body, mind and senses with it. You immerse yourself thereby in the water of Ganga (Integral Consciousness) and are nestled in the point of the Lotus with a dying Ecstasy never experienced before.
The senses have an essential role. Unless they are satisfied, we can hardly expect their cooperation in helping us to rise above this physical level of body consciousness. The senses may be suppressed for the time being, but the time will come when they will take the inescapable revenge. Those who are conscious of their role know that these very senses will turn inward in time, and will become the internal ladder to help them climb to the plane of Divine Consciousness.
Whatever is, is within. But, that does not brush off the outside world. Whatever is within must also be there in the outside before me. The cycle must be completed. Otherwise, I shall suffer from a cleavage in Consciousness. If one says, "I always feels His inner Presence," then one has to admit the feeling of His outer Presence also, or else one is a fraud or it may be one is defrauding oneself. You know full well that Gopis (people whose minds are void of all but God) have such inner and outer experiences. Here even in the Rasa (tasting Divine Love), the state of conscious existence though persistent, is not. Neither I, nor you do exist. He is enveloped in Himself. The Fullness is the Void. It is like infinite space. There is no existence then, nothing is. Only the Infinite is. How can there be any felt Consciousness at that stage? You meet with Consciousness in Vraja and below Vraja in the realm of Maya you find full Consciousness. When the mind turns into a sheaf (full of Him, like full stalks of harvest-ripe grain), then is the stage set for amorous Love.
Ananda (Supreme Bliss) is beyond the plane of the Gita. Further up there is no Ananda, only Consciousness. Beyond that, there is no Consciousness even, only Existence. And still further up, there is no Existence even, all are undifferentiated.
The only Guru is Supreme Consciousness. He is within you, along with Mahanam, since your birth.
I find no difference between your essence and anything else's essence. This one too (pointing to a cot) is the Absolute, but it lacks Consciousness.

The Divine lives in everybody's heart. That Divine Consciousness can be possible only in the human race.
Mahanam comes from deep within a person's Consciousness. It's two rhythmic sounds manifest the bipolarity of human Existence. They harmonize the duality between human beings and God, Atma (individual Soul) and Paramatma (Supreme Being) in Satyanarayan, the highest Truth of Cosmic Consciousness.
One experiences that Mahanam, then It does not disappear. There is no place to disappear. There is only One place. Nobody comes or goes. It is already there. What is called momentum, it is the manifestation of Time Eternal. You have no such Consciousness. Consciousness does not depend on time. A spark of lightning removes all darkness in a fraction of a moment. The Consciousness of Light awakens in the midst of darkness.
When we walk daily with the conscious companionship of the Dearest, the Nearest Supreme Soul, then only our inner Divine Consciousness is awakened.

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