Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Patience is Strength

Patience is the highest of all penances in the world.
To be born as a human being, the greatest and foremost qualification is to learn restraint and patience.
Patience (Dhairya) is to be practiced not by force, but by adjustment with the circumstances of natural life.
In the worldly life, full of stress and strain, the best medicine is to have patience. And, forgiveness is the highest virtue.
To bear mental compulsions with patience and fortitude is alone called Tapasya (penance). In following that exercise of patience and fortitude, the Name of God is implanted in your mind and it (mind) is then freed and purified.
Patience begets strength, and Bliss comes through strength.
Patience is the only sustenance.
There is no escape from Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life) and one has to bear it with patience.
If one is not at cross purposes with Him, one finds His manifestation in every happening. But, one has to bear with patience the onrush of the forces one has let loose. Yoke yourself unto Him and He will bear the brunt. Efface yourself out and enshrine Him in your body.
Know it for certain, that as soon as this suffering is over or reduced, another problem will start. So patience results in strength, there is no other way.
Remember, every human should have patience, and then only one will find the Ultimate. Impatience leads to destruction.
Keep patience and let God do the rest.

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