Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Language is One

Language is One. Truth is One.
Language. As long as we are talking, we are in mind. That is called language. There are so many languages. Other than mind, beyond mind, there is no language, only Diksha (revelation of Name).
All declaration or announcement is sound only when it is dictated by the inner voice of Truth.
When that sound starts, that is He. That is the first thing.
His Love is the only language.
Sound or Word is the manifestation of the Will. When this feeling was introduced, then derivation of words and language had not fully developed. But, the language starts from its Origin. Thus, at the time of very ancient period, observing the moon, sun, rain, cyclones, thunder, earthquakes and various events in Nature, the primitive people tried to worship them, thinking them as different deities. Gradually, when people tried to learn by developing their knowledge and struggling against the forces of Nature, when they knew practically the art of the cause and the effect of rain, storm and cyclone, then they did not worship them as deities. In that respect, human beings have become the master of Nature, not completely, but to some extent. In a similar way, when word and sound are manifested in the form of language, by the desire and will of the mind, then we say that word or sound is something like Brahma (God, the Creator). And of course, it is one hundred percent right, the sayings of the Rishis (seers) that the Creator of this universe is a Poet and His Creation is His Poem. Now we have progressed much on this point. Prior to sound of a word, a Great Power functions. That Great Power is that Great Will. So also with psychic phenomena, that is also the Supreme Power. But, you see with this spiritual body one cannot continue for a long time, because the physical body cannot absorb that Power. So, that is why the Divine gets pleasure in creating human beings for His Play. This is His great pleasure. Thoughts possess no personal stamp. They are the product of the human race. Philosophy means a system of thoughts, a creation of the mental plane.

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