Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Betrothed to Him, You Relish His Love

It is from the state of Divine Love that he (Dadaji) says, "Will you marry me?" You must understand. Can there be marriage with the body? Marriage means being united with Him, Who resides in the body. There is difference between man and woman at the body level, but is there any difference with Him?  Marriage is union with Him. Worldly marriage is to live out the destined attachment together. Is there any male in this world? He (Dadaji) only sees females. Prakriti (physical Nature) itself is feminine. So how can anyone in Her realm be a male? There is only one Supreme Male, Purusha, and He is the Lord unconditioned by Nature. So, marriage really means the co-joining of those in this world of Nature with the Lord (Husband) within. That is Love. Have you understood? Can a body make love to another body? When the Lord within throws off the body it is hurried to a crematorium.  What do you mean by marry? Do you mean to say you marry her, she marries you? That is nothing. That is a temporary thing.  In the worldly plane, husband and wife are very near and dear to each other. In inner world He, Who is thousands of times your own and lovable and whose Darshan (vision of the Supreme) for once only is more than sufficient in life, must be non-expressive (left unspoken).  He is the only Husband.  It is the mind that marries.  What is marriage? The mind is but a woman. When the mind becomes Manjari (like a blossoming flower), then starts the relish of Rasa (Taste of Divine Love) between the two female friends. This one (Dadaji) also becomes a female friend. This relish of Rasa is marriage.  He (Dadaji) likes to be in the company of lovely dames. He can't do without them. He talks to them, fondles them and even kisses them. He asks them, "Will you marry me?" How do you take it? Do you think you are male? No, no. You are all women. The mind is female and the Soul is the only Male. He is in Eternal Amour (love) with females. The basic Truth of Cosmology empowers me to woo the womenfolk. Do you agree?  Marry me, won't you? Do you realize the import of marriage? To receive Mahanam is to be locked in bridal with that Nearest and Dearest.  Wedded to Him, you reach a Divine Orgasm united with your True Nature. His secret footprints, His secret Fragrance, His secret music follows in your heart everywhere you go. God is the sound of your heartbeat, making love to you 24 hours a day.  Marry me, would you? Do you think you are men? You are all women. Mind, the Nature around which is mind created, is the female. The Supreme alone is Male. We have come here to make love to Him, to be bathed in His Love and to vibrate His Love through the actions that come our way. Drain your self (ego) off to Him. Be stripped of all the vestments of obsession. He will clothe you in a wedding robe of Love and make you Full. He is your Dearest. He is you, your Self. No effort, no austerity, no external agency is necessary to get Him. That is all commercialism.  When we come into this world, we come with Him in wedlock. That is true marriage. As long as He (Husband) is within, the question of becoming a widow, Sati (chaste) or Sahamaran (dying with one's husband), appears meaningless. This is true at the death of any person, not to speak of women only. For in the world, we are all females and He alone is Purusha (Supreme Male). As soon as He (Atman or Soul) leaves the body, the individual ceases. Without Him, the individual becomes a widow and has to court Sati. Thus, widowhood and Sati go together.
Married to me (Him), you are everywhere present.
Your actions betrothed to Him, will elevate you to a state of inexplicable Ecstasy, into the world of Truth.  

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