Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Worshipped and the Worshiper are One

Puja or worship has no meaning. Who will worship whom? The worshipper and the worshipped are the same.
Who worships whom? Can an individual perform Puja? How can an individual do it? Puja is performed only where the subject and object become One. At the time of worship the body lies forsaken. What we generally find in usual Puja (ceremonial worship) is merely child's play.
To be in tune with the Lord Sri Satyanarayan is called Puja. This is possible only when one can leave the physical body and mind of the mundane plane to taste the Bliss of the Infinite. Then only, the Divine Communion is made a Reality. Since it is impossible for a mortal body to transcend the ego, Puja in the true sense of the term is never performed.
The Self worships the Self. That indeed is the worship of the Inner Being. That someone else will worship for our sake, what kind of talk is that? With us around, someone else will love our Beloved? What manner of conduct is that? Is that called loving? All this Puja is for worldly display.
He cannot be worshipped. He is won by love alone.
Puja, a person cannot do. How can a person do Puja? What can a person offer Him? What people do is mere Tamasha (fun) and picnic.
God alone can perform His Own Puja. At the time of Mahapuja (at Utsav) the finite Reality is merged in the Infinite and that is the real form of adoration.
To do prescribed worship is to put a wall between the worshiper and the worshipped. To think of worshipping the Absolute, Who pervades this Creation and at the same time is enshrined in us, only smacks of egotistic appraisal.
From now on, even congregational music (Bhajans, Kirtans, devotional songs) have to be given a go-by.
"Hari Krishna, Hari Ram" song was for then. Not now.
Even worship is a fine division. One worships, One is worshipped. It is only Divine Love that does not divide, but rather reveals the union.
To separate the propitious (benevolent, auspicious) from the pernicious (injurious, destructive), the capacity for the worship of the Divine Being has to be acquired in order to negate both.
What is Puja? It is His state of Manifestation.
Your Puja is presided over by mind and is never beyond mind. Who can do Puja? The worshiper and the worshipped are One and the same.
Forsake all these social customs and prejudices and devote yourself to Him. He is within you, do not forget it.

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