Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Religion is One

Religion, more appropriately Dharma, is an exercise in the search for Truth. True Dharma is the irresistible will to commune with the Divine Force within.
In remembering God and realizing His Love there is no room for mental and physical acrobatics. Give up all outer appearances of religious attitudes to realize Him. He decides the right time for an elevation to higher states. Do not force anything, let it all happen naturally.
Religion is One. Dharma is co-terminus with Existence. Giving a secluded niche for Dharma apart from the mainstream of Existence ushers in a religion that is formal, denominational and dogmatic. An ivory tower is carved out. The question of good and bad looms before one's scanning mind, and intellectual and ethical theories are piled up. The person in the ivory tower, a recluse, an escapist, may well argue that his or her sole concern is self-culture; and, that social work having as it does no spiritual bearing is an anathema. An escapism in the opposite direction comes in the form of philanthropic activities. Both take life in fragments, idolize suffering in one way or another, and fall apart from the mainstream of life. There is one Integral Existence through all. Every bit of work is worship, philanthropic work not excepted. Relief work, if pursued without any sense of ego and without injury to the mainstream of one's life, need not be profane.
Original Religion was Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Religion). That is the thing. Don't bother for Him, He is within you. He is your Father. He is chanting 24 hours within us. So carry on, do your business.
Work is one's own Dharma.
Don't set your Sundays apart from your week days. Don't divorce life from Religion. Your Existence itself is the way to Him. No physical or mental acrobatics can lead you to Him. How can you get the Absolute? You live It.
What goes on in the name of Religion is all bunk. It's a fraud and hoax perpetrated by the so- called religious heads who have vested interests in all this bluff.
What is the meaning of Religion? Even today we have no clear conception on this subject. In trying to understand Religion by watching the conduct of priests, we have lost everything. They are the spies of Kali. They do business in the name of Religion! They are the ones responsible for religious differences. All your Gurus are included in this bunch. You know they practice business, not Religion. Dharma is doing Dharma. That is, Existence is holding Existence. If that is the real meaning, then since it is the Soul that is holding us, that Soul must be known. That indeed, is Religion. And for that do you have to go into exile? Do you have to read a list of names of gods, put on Tilak (sandal paste mark on the forehead), rub ashes? Why do you have to practice deceptions like putting on saffron robes? He is our very own! To love the Nearest and Dearest of our life, do we have to smear ourselves with powders and snows? Nothing whatever is required! Only through complete self-surrender to Him is everything achieved. That indeed is Dharma (Religion). Again, is Religion a matter of hanky-panky? Taking opium, hashish, pot, drugs, and alcohol? Do take these if you like to, my dear, but why all this in the name of Religion? Religion remains a million miles away from all this.
All worldly religion is superstition.
Kali, Durga and the like (gods and goddesses), are all at bottom One.
Go about doing everything while remembering Him. That is all that is needed. And, remain vigilant all the time that you don't fall prey to any superstitions. Societies and nations get overturned and along with them are overturned the rules and regulations. But, superstitions cannot be removed or thrown off easily. Beware of superstitions at all times. Superstition does not die even with the death of the phantom. For thousands of years, all kinds of superstitions have entered not eat this, do not eat that, Tuesday, Saturday, Friday, and what not! On top of that, there are thirty-three crores (330 million) gods and goddesses, thousands of types of Mantras (mystical formulas), thousands of ways of worship. Beware of all these. And, beware of Gurus who claim to have the keys to Him. There is only one Guru, Who is inside everyone, in all creatures, pervading the whole universe, the whole Creation.
Who cares to know the Truth? Everybody is busy with false superstitions leaving aside Reality.
What is Dharma (Religion)? That you are unable to understand. In the name of Religion, you practice non-Religion. Dressed up as Gurus you sit in Maths, Ashrams, and temples and deceive people. What kind of relationship is there between Guru (human spiritual teacher) and Shishya (disciple)? Depending on how much wealth the devotee has, he or she receives the corresponding degree of attention and prestige. If the cow eats good grass and gets good fodder it will give a good quantity of milk, and so it must be given good quality grass. In the same way, the degree of devotion is judged from how much wealth is expanded in constructing temples with expensive marble and decorating them with lots of gold and silver. This is indeed what we call "religion". You get milk by expending wealth, isn't that the idea? What kind of religion is that?
On top of that, who is Brahmin, Kayastha, Vaidya, Mlechha, (various castes) etc.? Is this the kind of birth data that has to be given to get God? What sort of business is this? Please explain to me. What are you doing? It's as if I have gone to hell myself and on top of it, sent others also to hell, as if I have fallen into a ditch and have pushed ten other persons also into it. That is what you do these days with your practice of Guru business.
Actually, there is no Dharma or Adharma (Religion or non-Religion), no virtue or vice. There is only action and reaction.
Tradition is a social concept. Tradition changes but not the Eternal Truth. People have shrouded the Truth with traditions of penance, renunciation, physical and mental methods, rituals and recitals of scriptures. The Absolute is not found by any of these prescriptions. Nor does He divide humanity into sects and castes, holy people and sinners. He is the same in every individual. We have to live normally in the world and not reject it.
All Dharmas are being harmonized.
There is no individual Dharma (Religion). The only Religion is Love, which becomes manifest as one remembers Mahanam. 

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