Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Put God at the Helm

Only He is important. Let Him get your things done.  What is wanted is for us to do our duties keeping Him in mind. What is wanted is proper perspective and character.  Without Prema (Divine Love) there is no character. All are to be called bad characters until they keep company of the only One (Satyanarayan) having integrity of character.  All that really matters is one's character....not one's wealth or eminence in society. His (Dadaji's) job is to guide people to build their character. He (Dadaji) has nothing to give but the Mahanam. Character means proper perspective. Harmonize character and proper perspective.  The inner and outer experiences must be the same or else it is hysteria, self-hypnosis or hypocrisy.  There is no difference between stealing from somebody and letting somebody steal from you. No difference between taking advantage of someone and letting someone take advantage of you. Beware of both.  One must have integrity of character, but not in the physical sense. We have certainly to obey sundry laws and regulations of the Lord of the world into which we have sojourned.  If you can relish His Prema (Divine Love), that is all. Whether you have proper perspective or not is not a matter for consideration.  Real character means to put God, Him, at the helm of one's affairs. No one should under any circumstances shun Him for any worldly interests. That is real strength of character, strength of mind.  

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