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Realization Unfolds Naturally with Mahanam

His Mind moves the Creation. And a time comes when a person's mind automatically becomes zero, freed. How? He comes. And through Mahanam by His Presence, that is, Satyanarayan, mind automatically starts loving qualities. The mind when attuned to Him is Radha (consort of Lord Krishna).
Dadaji has nothing to do with Darwinian evolution. Nor does He advocate any process, any climbing stairs. If Reality is One, no such segmentation and stratification is possible. In fact, He is realizing Himself through you, me and everybody. We are to witness ourselves being void in order that He may manifest His fullness within us.
If there is mind, there are senses. Without them, how can there be realization? Mind has to be turned inward. Then inside and outside will become One. Then will you be awake.
God is available here and now, anywhere and everywhere.
To realize Him one can achieve by simple and straightforward means. There is no necessity for mental or physical wrestling. Otherwise such wrestlers would have achieved Him much earlier.
By remembering Him, you realize Him.
Why do you want to realize? You have received (Mahanam) at the time of birth, by Maya you have forgotten. Again now, you have received (some in Dada's presence, others through this book). That is enough.
Unless there is a feeling of more than One, how can there be thinking of Oneness? In reality, it is neither one nor many. It is due to the nature of the mind that it appears so. The period of new moon and the period of full moon are conditions of Nature whose knowledge is acquired in a certain domain, that is, within the existence of this earth. But, if we reach the firmament, then nothing is visible. That is, when we go beyond the orbit of the earth and the moon, then there is neither new moon, nor full moon. The mystery is this. There is mind, but it has no feeling of difference.
A person's life passes through stages of childhood, youth, adulthood and finally old age. One becomes wise because of experiences in relation to the external world. Similarly, there are stages of unfolding of different inner developments which, by time factor, help a person to get into the Divine Lap of His All-merciful Existence. This unfolding of inner development of one's mind does not result from austere meditation or rituals. It is a spontaneous change over of the mind's unsteadiness into repose in the deep recess of the heart, where His Eternal Existence vibrates within us. A person cannot achieve this by any effort. This comes about through a natural flow of Life. In this experience of natural internal showering of His Grace, first there comes an upsurge of feeling and words to express. Then the earnestness of mind is stirred up. But, gradually the mind gets into weighty Silence. The need to express in words ceases and there remains then only deep silent communication with Him that is inexplicable. And this means being immersed in the unique taste of His Joyful State, in the Fragrance of His Love.
Realization depends on a particular condition of the state of Consciousness that cannot be expressed by language in any way. An attempt to express that feeling loses Reality. Subda (words), they are nothing but outer manifestation. When one gets the Real Thing, that person becomes One with Him. You know it is just like when the heart is full. There is no other way. That is the domain of the wave of quietness, even feeling is absent there. That is why many confuse void and fullness. This is a matter of realization, not the object of understanding.

Bear one thing in mind, you people will unquestionably have Mukti (liberation), Prapti (realization), and Uddhara (salvation). And, what is more you will also be blessed with Paramananda (Supreme Joy). And, what is meant by realization of Paramananda? It means atonement with Satyanarayan.
Those who have received Mahanam will be delivered even in this birth. Those who have slipped off will suffer an enormously intensified Prarabdha (destined events of life). You will find them raising alarms, however they will be delivered.
Whom do you intend to deliver and with what? Whom shall you deliver and with what, save your Self?
Why speak of deliverance? We shall enjoy here as much as there. If we cannot enjoy here, how can we do it there?
No deliverance is possible except through Mahanam.
He is delivering Himself, to be sure.
All people of those places where he (Dadaji) has gone, through which streets he has gone, will be delivered. Whoever has seen Him will be delivered.
If you want salvation, make a promise that you must not wait for another life. We should get it even before the next breath. Because one must not wait for or believe in the next breath or the next life as one does not know what will happen next.
Neither I nor you do exist. He is enveloped in Himself. The fullness is the void. There is no Existence then. Nothing is. Only the Infinite is. How can there be any felt Consciousness at that stage? This is the Absolute. It is a sense of All-engrossing I-ness in all Existence. You have nothing as apart from your Dada.
It is possible to be in tune for two, three or four minutes. Otherwise, you could not do anything. This too is possible only in Kali and not in Dvapara Yuga. Mahaprabhu was ensnared by it (being in tune) and eventually left the world. But, it is possible to be in mood for one, two, three or four hours even. It is the level of Vraja (Supreme).
A little exhibition of power is of no avail so far as realization of Truth is concerned.
No act can ever lead to the Zero experience.
Truth cannot be realized by your own efforts.
Since we are part and parcel of Him, there is no doubt that God-realization is within our action and desire.
Realization is a fake word. So long as He is within, no need of anything. Just remember that you are with me. And, if you remember Him and do your work, that is enough. Liberation will come automatically. Don't try to do anything.
To realize, is to fancy as real what is unreal.
Dadaji speaks of three stages of life. First comes Sannyas (renunciation), which means complete surrender through evaporation of ego. But so long as there is life, there is ego. You cannot do without it. You can only take it as His ego. Your mind then becomes Manjari (budding seed). The picture of a new born babe in the mother's lap typifies Sannyas. Then comes the stage of Brahmacharya (celibacy), when one lives in and through Him and feels His Presence in every experience. True Sannyas is a sort of subconscious behavior or reflex action. And real Brahmacharya is conscious perception of One Reality through the manifold of Existence. While Sannyas displays unconscious will and Brahmacharya evinces conscious feeling, the stage Grihastha is marked by complete merger in thought, feeling and will. The real Grihastha is He, Himself, Who dwells in this tenement of clay.
When you succeed in your constancy to the Lord, Who is the Cipher (non-entity) Being, then attainment of Truth will be possible. This is the normal way to Bliss. Through the practice of constant devotion, the Lord makes one a Sati (chaste, devoid of mental obsessions and attuned with Mahanam), then one attains Sita Bhava, a state of pure heart. And, after mastering the senses, one attains the Lotus Feet of Savitri (character in the Mahabharata, who symbolizes complete submission to Truth). One then proceeds further, beyond the kingdom of time and obtains Divine Love, which is as good as the Truth Absolute and continuous Bliss.
Bliss comes through Energy.
Samadhi is a mental condition at a low level. When you find Him, you will realize that there is no distinct Existence to be felt. Neither He nor you will be there. He neither comes nor goes. There is then no intelligence, no understanding.
Liberation is nothing other than the awareness of one's True Nature.
Moksha (liberation) you will not get other than Him. Mind cannot be liberated without Him. Follow me or not? Don't bother for Him. He is within you.
Self-realization is possible only by the Grace of God, which dawns after the aspirant for Truth is initiated into the spiritual life by God or Self directly. No human being is Guru. God alone is Guru.
He, Who is ever wakeful, Who is never oblivious, also at the time of birth, He is indwelling. Nothing is unknown to Him. To Him there is nothing past, present or future. Time does not touch Him. For Him, there is no coming or going. He only is changing all the forms. If the business of seeing itself is mistaken, then does the question of transformation, coming and going, even arise? As soon as you pierce the covering of Yogamaya (Divine Creative Power), you will see All is One. Then everything shall be nicely cleared up about what you call transformation, coming and going, birth and death, light and darkness. But, what you call the influence of Yogamaya is so deadly serious that even those who are ever vigilant cannot escape its hands from time to time. When the power of Yogamaya comes into the Kingdom of the Supreme Power, then Yogamaya also merges with Him, with that Supreme Power. And, it is Mahanam that is the Supreme Power, nothing else. That Supreme Power resides in Mahanam. Can the means at the command of Yogamaya obstruct it? It is Mahanam that leads to liberation (Mukti or Moksha), realization (Prapti) and salvation (Uddhara). Mahaprabhu, Ram, Bhagawan Sri Krishna himself showed the Power and Majesty of this very Nam (Divine Name). Namaiva Kevalam! (Name is the only Path!) All of them went screaming from door to door spreading this very Mahanam. All the twenty-four hours He keeps doing Mahanam, whether you can hear it or not. We are receiving that very Nam from the air through breathing, without knowing it. Still getting to know this produces an extreme Joy and not knowing this we do not experience this Bliss, this much can be said. Still, He keeps and will keep on doing His Work. Not a single person is denied that. If even one creature remains unliberated, He will remain bound. When He has sent the creatures here, then their liberation is also His responsibility. Whatever maybe the headache of anyone, His headache is the greatest of all, know this.
Why all this talk of liberation? For Him, what is bondage or what is liberation? Who will bind whom? Who will liberate whom? This is all the egotism of the mind and intellect. He is nothing and again, He is everything. Everyone who lives on the earth sees according to the context of their circumstances. Water, air, clouds, sunshine, rain, all are indeed One Substance. United with Supreme Will nothing else remains, for then the earth is not there. With His one Wish, at a glance the whole world is seen in a moment. All is then One and One indeed is All. To give similes and comparisons is the job of the mind and intellect.
He goes far away as soon as you try to understand. I say far away in your language. Is it a matter of understanding? It is a matter of experiencing. Do you understand Rasagolla (Bengali sweet) until you eat it? All is known on savoring the taste (of His Love). Not externally, but internally. And, after that outside and inside, all will become One when you have the experience. It must happen! You cannot go without it. If the moon and sun are facts, then know this to be a fact. What do you say? How can His Grace go to waste? Realization has already come with you. Just you see, by only remembering Him once you will see. Age after Age, Life goes on with one experience, that indeed, is Truth. It has no decay, no destruction.
A human being identifying with one's body and mind is the Jivatma. This I-sense or ego principle, prevents one from identifying with Truth, Sri Satyanarayan. A human being with ego principle looks for Truth in the objective world. This search is futile. Unless Jivatma gets rid of the ego-principle, he or she cannot perceive or realize Truth. Only when the subject merges with object, when the ego-sense is lost, can realization of the Oneness with Truth be established. This cannot be achieved through the intermediary of a person, but can be achieved through the agency of Mahanam.
The mind gets fullness of right vision or Enlightenment when, while being in this body it becomes conscious of Him. Then, that moment is mind's new year, a new birth of Light. In that state one loses the boastful I-sense in one's activities, and even if the senses and desires drive the mind the bridle is held by the Lord Himself or the Nam, so that one cannot go astray. Humans take the human form from Him to realize this Truth.
Complete self-surrender to the Absolute with the help of Mahanam is the only path for Mukti (liberation), Prapti (realization), and Uddhara (salvation).
By cultivating the habit of patience and by remembering Mahanam with love, we move toward God-realization.

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