Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Good and Evil are Reflections of Mind

The fundamental substance is One only and that is Eternal. It has no end or beginning. There is only One Entity. If we can understand the real Essence behind truth and falsehood, Religion and non-Religion, virtue and vice, good and bad, then, in the worldly sense we shall see no difference in these. The reason is that His Nature is All-merciful and All-graceful. The Grace and Mercy constitute the real form.
From very ancient Ages there are writings about God and demons in the Vedas (religious doctrines). Whatever you say about bad, evil, demon, etc., unless the reverse feelings of good, piety, etc., are there, how can either exist? Actually, good or bad depends on certain stages or conditions. What you now call evil, who knows it will not lead to better? Love alone can make both good and evil merge into values of One. Friend and foe are the same to Him. Everybody is equal before Him. If you are good, then all are good.
Whatever you are doing, don't bother for evil and good, truth and lies. That is mind function. That is nothing.
Vice and virtue, good and bad, honesty and falsehood, for the purposes of society, family and nation, all these are required. But, to find Him one has to go above all these.
If you have faith in Him, no problem. Good, bad, don't look after all these things. Because, is there any good? It may be opposite or not. Who is good? Who is bad? We do not know. The idea of sin or virtue, good or evil are only the creations of mind. They reflect the needs of society and therefore bear no value. Correct or not?
He is bad. She is a good. He is rich. She is a poor. It's temporary. That's His Leela. Leela means play, His Play. You need not concern yourself with virtue and vice. Go on doing everything while enshrining Him in your mind. All responsibility revolves on Him.
We are telling bad. We do not know what is bad and what is good. Because we are functioning within the mind. We are the most foolish of fools. Who is good or who is bad we do not know. Today I can tell you he is good. Tomorrow I am telling you he is a bad man. What is good and what is bad? Don't go for judging I am telling you. Just try to take Name.
Man is bad and good. One day you say, "I love you." After three days, (you say) something different.  
`The vices you have done are virtues you have achieved. But, don't you be doing either vice or virtue now.
What do you know about what is bad and what is good? What you call bad one day, you call good the next day and visa versa. A person is so helpless. You can do nothing on your own. All this is mere mind function. How can you judge anyone? Think of a young woman, mother of a small child. She has no money or means of earning. The child is hungry and crying for food. The Lord has given her the child and also the heart of a mother. To feed the child, she sells her body. Would you call that bad? Who are you to judge? No, no, He does not see any faults of anyone. He is so merciful. He is only touched by inner love and devotion. A man may go to the brothel, but if he sees only the Lord, even there, and remembers Him with love, such a man is truly His devotee. Salutations to him!

Virtue and vice are not. There are only action and reaction.
If virtue and vice are the same, or if one is totally unaware of all these, then who will murder whom? Does the object of murder then remain? These are all matters of mind function. Virtue and vice are all committed by the mind. Mind is taken up with the senses. Animals are not pestered by mind, the same is the case with trees. But are they above human beings? If there is mind, there are senses. Without them how can there be realization? Mind has to be turned inward. Then inside and outside will become One. Then will you be awake. By His Grace you will do everything and then also do nothing.
Intellectuals quarrel on the question of virtue and vice, good and bad. These ideas are reflections of mind. He is above all these things.
There is nothing called evil curses. You shouldn't even think of such a thing. He has destined your Prarabdha; what is to happen will happen. When He is driving this chariot of yours, there's nothing called evil or good. He is driving the chariot in the way He wants and He is not affected by the surrounding environment. You may feel the time is bad, but He might be thinking that it is good for you. You might think someone has cursed you, but it is not that. You yourself bring your Prarabdha. That is, when you curse another, and the charioteer within is making you do this, the bad time is fast approaching you yourself. Why pay heed to the curses of others? If you believe He is the Master, He is the Supreme, He is making all things run, He is the breath within you, He is your very life....if you believe that the Supreme is all pervasive, He is everywhere, in everybody in the same way, then you are not bothered by the idea of good and evil. The curse comes from the mind and is based in anger. It's simple anger. No need to pay any attention to it.
Curses have no effect for the Protector is within you.  

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