Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Look Within

I must know first, who am I? Wherefrom I have come? What is my goal and duty? Know the Supreme Self. Through Him you can know yourself easily and properly as a being in Him, not a being that is Himself.
You cannot know yourself but through the Love which is He.
You are yourself the Creation of Truth, in fact One with Truth. Let Truth be manifested in you in full blaze of Love and Wisdom.
The devotee, devotion and the Divinity are one continuum.
Don't you believe in your Existence? What makes you live, move and have your being? That is the Soul, and the Soul is God. That which exists when you are lost in sound sleep is the Soul, the Life Principle, God. Your mind, the architect of science and other relative truths, is the ¨empiric, finite soul, the matrix of all frames of reference; its finitude is self-secreted and self-imposed. Once your mental being, your ego, is merged in the Infinite Existence, the Soul, you recapture the Absolute Vision, which is your birthright.
We have come to this world as so many brimful jars, Purna Kumbha. You are full of Him. You are purified by bathing in this inner fullness of Him, not by any outside ritual.
God is not a person. Person cannot be God.
Everybody is God. Everything is within. He's also within.
Always remember, Supreme is within. In that case, you are also Supreme.
Know thyself and realize the Self. Remove all obstacles which stand on the way to realization. Only then will your own greatness appear to your intellect. It will then be realized that each existence is inseparably connected with the Truth.
You ask why we have to be separated from Him. But, where is the separation? First tell me that. He exists in our very breath. Then how can we say He is separate from us? If He separates from us, only the body will remain, or rather the corpse.
He is within. He sees Himself, but through our eyes. But, they're His eyes actually.
If you are something, each and everybody is the same.
All are Children of Supreme Bliss.  
Atma (Soul) is One in all beings.
Father is One. We have come from Him, from the Oneness. Then what is the difference between you and me? Nothing.
Everything, everywhere is He. So what is the difference? How can you be separated? Is it possible?
He is always within you. Do not worry.
We should first ask ourselves: If I am He, then who will attain whom? He is within me.
You are pregnant with Him, and immaculately of course.
Drop the word I. It is but One entity polarized into I and you. All this (world) belongs to the Mother (Prakriti, physical Nature).
A Jiva (individual) can never be Satyanarayan (Supreme Creator of Truth).
Hold fast to Him, neither you nor I exist.
Who are you? You are no body.
You do not know scriptures, nor history. You have no education. When you have forgotten Him, you have neither character, nor perspective. He alone knows everything.
We have got no eye also. We never see anything. We are all blind. That's why he (Dadaji) says, we have eyes but we are all blind. That's why we cannot realize Him, cannot find Him. Don't bother for Him.
Carry on, do your duty. Duty is the first thing. And, you are within me.
Everybody is He. And, everything is being done by Him through you.
A person has no power, because the body is not one's own. Life is One. Atma (Soul, Self) is One in all beings.
Your Self is my Self.
A person has no authority to dictate to Life.
Actually, a person can do nothing. Ultimately all bow down before Him.
Self-confidence is the main thing. Without this a person cannot achieve anything, whether in earthly or in spiritual life. But you see, the one who has got self-confidence has also confidence in Self (Atman). Theists and atheists, both appear to me the same. You may say that you have no faith in God. This is called confidence in Self. If you take God as a Word, then you are God, I am God, everybody is God. Again, if you take the special qualifications (Gunas) and special Power of God, then I must say, all these are in everybody also.
An individual is a helpless being.
You are Purna Kumbha (full of Him). Let this Consciousness dawn upon you from within.
You are your own Guru.
Truth is universal, existential. All manifestation is Mother (physical Nature). You have been baptized even before your birth. You have only got back your patrimony. Remember your roots (family, country), but not apart from Him. He is the Root to be sure. Don't fight shy of your natural environment. Don't defy His decree.
He is in All. All is in Him. Live, but live in tune with Him. Live beyond the realm of mind. Don't live in wants, fears, hopes. Live in Swabhava (natural state of being in tune with God), in your Real Self, which is the only Truth.
Only remember Him and do whatever you do in the Name of Him. That is enough. All right, nothing can touch you.
Luckily for you, the window has opened itself. The genial sunshine of His Will is all about. But, you must put off the shutters and blinds. But then again, you cannot do it. Be like a log of wood in the stream of His Will. Love life, love work, love duty. Be of good cheer. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Resurrection and Eucharist are your birthright. Nobody can dole it out to you. The Son of Man is verily working around the clock within you to that end.

Remember, I am in you.  So long as He is with you, you are. You are nothing other than Him. You have got no right to do anything. Just give up everything on Him. A person cannot do anything.
Be of good cheer. You have nothing to get. Everything that is, is within. He is within you and is your Nearest and Dearest. In fact, He is you and your Existence is the way to Him.
It's all right. You'll understand who is you, what you are. You are Something. From inside (Dada pointing to his heart), automatically you'll know. You just read this book (referring to "The Truth Within"). And, take that Mahamantra (God's Name), that Mahanam (Gopal Govinda).

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