Wednesday, 13 November 2013

No Spiritual Practices are Required - Meditation


To be aware of Truth is meditation. When this awareness appears, one realizes Satyanarayan with all hindrances and covers removed.
The Dhyana (meditation) people speak about is bogus.
Meditation is an especially highly developed form of idleness. Haven't you got a profession, a family, any friends? A normal person has, after all, no time for such things.
Meditations, Ashrams, that is also ego. I am doing the meditation. Why? To control desires and senses. It is absurd. Because, when we have come on the earth we invited desires.
Beyond mind. What do you mean by beyond? Nobody knows. Sometimes they think there is something, but that thinking is also mind function.
A person is self-centered inasmuch as he or she is drawn toward meditation, asceticism, and solitude. This is so because in this way duty to others and society is ignored. Whoever is soul- centered in this way is necessarily self-centered.
Meditation, what is the need? You are sitting, doing this, that. It is only humbugism. It is farce in the Name of Him.
No so-called transcendental meditation or concentration will ever be able to reach that plane of Truth unless it is channeled through work.
For Him no meditation, physical acrobatics and austerity are needed.
By counting beads and meditation can you stop desires? It is against Nature. Remembering Him is the only path and do your Karmas (daily activities).
The work done with complete concentration, when one is deeply lost in action concentrating on the work, when the action and the actor become One and the sense of the individual self is forgotten, this becomes true meditation and penance.
When the wholesome communion with the All-pervading Divine Soul and the Supreme Spirit occurs, eventide sets in. No sooner does such eventide approach, than there is the advent of serene devoutness. Faith also comes into being. Flow of respiration turns out to be easy. Sounds of Divine Appellation (the act of calling Name) connote manifestation of Light, and it is that manifestation which is known as meditation. Divine Appellation is analogous to Divine Semblance. That is the real sanctified Abode. Consequently, the place which is established through the invocation of Divine Appellation, is called the Divine Temple of heavenly appellation or Mahanam. It is the meditation which is called religious contemplation or asceticism.
Whenever the Light appears through the ordeal of such religious contemplation, all sorts of earthly impediments or ignorance veiling the True Nature of things are removed, and thereby the Mercy and Blessings of Sri Sri Satyanarayan are invoked. All kinds of mental impulses, in other words, the impulses of the organ of sense or action which are inward felt pleasures and pains, gains and losses, selfish inclinations, honesty and dishonesty, tend to create varied impediments and hindrances through cohesive attraction, thereby having the effect of putting bondage and shackles around human beings. To check and forbear the forces of these impediments (mental impulses) is known as Tapasya or devout austerity. By dint of continued practice of devout austerity, through pure mental coolness, there emits the sparkling vibration of Divine Appellation. Earthly desire, or in other words, ignorance veiling the True Nature of things, is removed and comes to an end. Thereafter, it is possible to stay and remain with absolute peace and happiness. This stage alone, one should know, is the Abode of Almighty God.  

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