Wednesday, 13 November 2013

We're Acting in His Divine Play

This whole life is His Vraja Leela (Divine Play). We have come to enjoy His Play, remember Him with Love, and remain in Swabhava (a natural state, attuned with God).
It is not a journey, it is a Play of the Almighty. A Play, too, is a part and parcel of His Manifestation. He is a Poet, we are His Composition. This is exactly the relation between the Creator and His Creation.
We have come here to taste His superabundant Rasa. Vrindavan Leela can never be manifest anywhere else except in this world. It is a stage, where we are to enact our respective roles for a stipulated period of time.
He is present in both the region of Leela and the one beyond that.
This time of the body is temporary. We are actors and we are paid according to our performance. For the relish of His Divine Play, He has appeared as many in the mirror of the mind. All activities here are of this world, scientific study not excepted. Far from being shunned, they are to be fully participated in and enjoyed. The Divine Play is intrinsically bipolar, having positive and negative, ups and downs, good and bad, etc. Oscillations between them provide the basis for all the creative possibilities of this Play. When the Play is over, the two poles coalesce into mere Existence, all existents having disappeared.
You have come here to have a taste of His Vraja Leela which this world displays. Vraja Leela is symbolized by copulation, moving to and fro between the opposite poles like a pendulum, the characteristic of duality and mental function. When you are at rest, as symbolized by orgasm which is beyond Vraja, beyond Krishna, this finally leads you to Satyanarayan or Bhuma (Infinite), which is a state of undifferentiated Existence.
Play your part well in the Vraja Leela (His Divine Play), shaking off desires and obsessions. Be always in a state of Swabhava (natural state of Oneness with Him) free from all sense of want.
Our duty is to watch His Leela as passive witnesses.
A person can do effort, but no authority is given to dictate to life.
Mukti, what is there in Mukti (liberation)? The essential thing about life is to see it and enjoy it as Leela. You understand that, don't you?

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