Thursday, 14 November 2013

Introduction of Dada ji Shri Amiya Roy Choudhry

In this time of distraction from Truth, it becomes more and more difficult to live in the three worlds. To blend the physical, mental and spiritual in a harmonious flow. Life each day seems to demand more of the material world, and the claims of Gurus, Babas, Yogis and Priests have confused so many.  

One has come in simplicity and Truth, surrounded by God's Love and Fragrance. His name is Amiya Roy Chowdhury - lovingly called Dadaji (elder brother) by all who know Him. He is beside elder brother, mother, father, son, daughter, lover and friend.
Dadaji claims to be helpless, and nobody, yet displays constant miraculous phenomenon. Truth flows from His lips and Krishna's fragrance emits from His body. He says, "All is possible with the Almighty." The Almighty is called Sri Sri Satyanarayan (Holy Holy Creator of Truth).
The Truth can only be transmitted by those who have realized it. It can be transmitted but not received, except from within yourself. Dadaji draws only a few to Him, only those who are  ready to be elevated. He gives no performances, no public lectures, publishes no articles, accepts no  money or gifts and does not permit any institutions, foundations, ashrams, or temples  to be built in His name.
He speaks to you from within your deepest self. He does not want to see those who are curiosity seekers, looking for new sensations and entertainment. How simply Truth is told:
"The head and the heart must be one; don't force the mind or the body, you can't find Truth unless the function is free and natural. Concentrate on Him, do your work, enjoy." This is called spontaneous meditation.
Falling in love with Dadaji is no fleeting affair, it is an intense experience. Feeling Love for god for Dadaji is effortless. When you are in Love you never have to be reminded of the one you love, they are always there.
Dadaji refers to the Almighty usually as "Him" or "He", explaining that God is neither male nor female, but everything. He asks that you follow, become a disciple of the Divine not of Dadaji, to go where Dadaji goes for strength, love and wisdom.  

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