Wednesday, 13 November 2013

God is the Guru

Sri Satyanarayan within you is your only Guru (Supreme Guide). He is within you. The Mahamantra (Great Name of God) comes from within you. He alone can reveal Mahanam to you. The Lord residing within you is the only Guru.
Priesthood and Gurubad (Guru business) can never lead one to the domain of purification where the Divine dwells within. Flawless perfection can only be possible when the Divine Creator appears before us, and not through any media or interpreter.
Your real Guru lies within you to embrace you and guide you to your final destination, to the realization of your True Nature which is Divine and Blissful. You do not require any human being as Guru for Self realization. Your Self or God alone is Guru.
His Grace is already present toward His creatures! How can a body-bound person be Guru? Body decays. Does Guru ever decay? Guru is All-pervading. As the Holder of the body, residing in the body, He is the one and only Guru.
Who is Guru? What does one gain if the (human) Guru whispers a Mantra in your ear? A human being can never supply the Mantra to know the Truth and get acquainted with Him. What is the use of coming to such a fake Guru? Know the Truth, hold on to Him and be established with It. This was the message of Sri Ram Thakur (1860-1949, image at left) who was then alive, and at that time there was no activity of this person (Dadaji). This one (Dada) has been putting the question: For whom shall a person count the beads? One has to woo one's Nearest, one's own Being. How does another person come in there? He is favoring us forever with His Grace. The Mahanam is constantly ringing in our hearts. Only the unawakened do not hear it.
Anyone who tells you they can take you to God, is simply not telling the Truth. No person can be a Guru. Every person has a Guru inside.
Don't run after a Guru, run after knowing your Self. Therein lies the whole secret. You have immense power. Use it to awaken from that great slumber.
Guru? Everybody is Guru. Only Prana (Life) is Guru. He is everywhere and He is for all. So, don't believe that man (Dadaji) also. Because He is within this body also, within mind this man (Dadaji) is talking. So don't believe anybody, other than Him. Only He can guide. He can do whatever He likes.
No human Guru, no guide, can help you to know Him. The Lord is within you. Complete surrender to Him, with remembrance of Mahanam in abiding Love, can alone lead you to Him.
The mortal being can never be a Guru by any means. God Himself is the only Guru. What is Guru? Guru actually refers to teaching. But, today Guru has become big business and wealthy institutions. Real Guru is Him. In any circumstances, he (Dadaji) cannot give you anything and he cannot accept anything. If he accepts anything, then he is a business.
Who is He? That is the question. If you are really a lover of Him, you have no need of monetary business for Him.  

One does not get Him by donning deception. Putting on deceptive garb (saffron robes, priest collars, etc.) means self-deception. Through the help of the garb, I show to others what I am not. That is why the conduct of priests and Gurus is so deadly injurious as to be beyond comparison. They are all the spies of Kali. Do you understand what these worldly Gurus are? Actually, the one who questions, as well as the one who answers, both are one and the same Being.
The Almighty is as anxious to have you, as you are to have Him. Do not bother with an external guide.
You have only to search Him within.
Guru? Who is Guru? If I am Guru, then you are Guru. Everyone is Guru. This Guru business is a disastrous affair. If I am myself blind, then how can I show the path to another blind person? If my own affairs are not in order, how can I show the way to others? If I know Him, can I then become a Guru? No, for then I will see myself present in everyone. What a strange business. Who is the Guru? What you see around of Gurudom, that is merely a trade.
The human being cannot be Guru. Guru is deathless and Eternal.
Do not run after Gurus, Yogis, priests. Look within instead. Then He alone will appear to exist.
All these so-called and self-styled Bhagawans (Lords), Maharishis (sages), Babas (holy fathers), and Gurus are bluffing innocent people to make money.
Don't be misled by all these charlatans who pass off as Bhagawans and Jagadgurus (God of the world). How can mortals, on whose carrion vultures will peck, be God?
No human being can ever be a Guru. The Guru is within you as the Mahanam...the basal stuff of your Existence. If you are a Guru, why not I? We are all limitations, fragmentation of Truth. But, the Guru is unlimited, Integral Truth. You and I die, the Guru never dies. The self-styled Gurus, Mahants (religious leaders) and Bhagawans are making a business out of God. The worst criminals, these scourges of human society should be stamped out forthwith.
He, Who at all times sees Himself in everyone, how can He become a Guru? How can there be a difference between man and woman for Him? All are He!
Person cannot be Guru. At the time of birth we have come with the Guru. At the same time we have come with Mahanam, Diksha, and whatever It (Truth) is.
Who will teach? Who will guide? Is there anybody who can guide or give Mantra? Yogis, saints? Nobody. If anyone realizes Him, they cannot utter or give Mantra by mouth to anyone! They cannot utter the words, "I am Guru," because the Supreme is everybody, everywhere. How is it possible to say I am Guru, you are disciple? I am within you. That's enough. Have you understood?
Dada is not your Guru. The Lord residing within you is the only Guru.
Everything is His. Everything has the same Power. If one person is Guru or saint, each person is the same.
God alone is the Guru. The moment one poses as an agent, everything is lost.

You must guard yourself against one thing. You cannot do fraudulent use of Him.
It is rabid materialism to take a human being for Guru. You are all idiots.
This cult of the Guru is a fraud perpetrated by vested interests. This stigma on our Eternal Religion must be abolished forthwith. What outlandish and preposterous practices in the Name of Truth!
Expose them (Gurus)! And if you can't do that, get them together and let your Dada disprove their pretensions.
All these Yogis, saints, Sadhus, Godmen, Gurus, this, that. All, each and every one are bluff, full of bluff. Their only interest is to collect money and make institutions.
No human being with finite knowledge and perfection can be Guru. How can finite lead to Infinite, darkness to Light, or ignorance to Wisdom? It is the expression of ego that makes a person boast to be Guru.
Guru is all business exploitation’s.
A mortal being cannot initiate another. There cannot be an intermediary between God and a person.
No agent or intermediary is needed by a person to commune with the Lord, the Absolute, Who is within each person. He alone can grant Diksha (initiation).
Anybody who realizes Him, cannot utter the words, "I will guide you." Because those who realize, they look and see everybody is God, everywhere is God. They cannot utter the words, "I am a Guru." They cannot behave like that. Have you understood?
Don't believe any person. If you believe (Dadaji pointing to himself), then....success. If not,
A teacher or professor of your worldly language can be spoken of, but how can there be a Guru? By setting up Ashram (religious community) and Math (monastic institution), one indulges in a kind of business only.
The Self plays a dual role, that of the Guru and the disciple at the same time.
You are your Guru and you are your disciple. Other than this, nobody can be Guru.
Real Guru is Immortal and Eternal Truth, our own Self or God. Guru is all the time with us. He never leaves. How can He leave? He is the very Eternal Source of our Life, our Existence.
Make Him the Guru and you will find that He Himself will take you safely to the shore through the stream of life, tiding over all storms by holding the oar Himself.
Whenever there is a movement to uproot the age-old Sanskaras (superstitions), there are always great agitation’s against it. Nothing to worry about. As He creates dangers, so He also lays the path of Peace.

No person can be a Guru. Each person has the Guru within, Who is God. Don't look to Gurus, Yogis, Babas and saints. Look within. No person can initiate you into God. This is all humbugism and exploitation. As soon as someone says, "I am the Guru, I am the doer," that person is an egotist. When those who sell God realize Him, they are out of business.
By Guru is meant Nam (Supreme Name). It is Nam, Who is Guru. With Guru it is complete Bliss. Nam means Omniscience. Where Nam is firmly established and is constantly attended, an appetite for Nam comes from the faithful recital of Nam and that is happiness Eternal. The place where Nam is set is called Vrindavan, a solitary Abode. Nothing but that Abode attracts heavenly excellence and grandeur. None is dearer than Husband, the Lord. So, God is described as the Lord. And the Nam you have received is God. In this world, without Nam nothing of Nature endures. Only Nam lasts. The relation with Guru (Absolute) is of happiness with love serene. Both disciple and Teacher (Soul within human heart and the Absolute) commingle with Love, with Ecstasy, with Eternal Attraction and then merge into One. Life and all other substances which appear are but manifestations of God. While the human Soul and the Absolute commingle with each other, the debt of the world is cleared. That is, constant practice of Love with Nam, Who is none else but the Absolute, leads to Supreme Knowledge or Reality. And this Knowledge alone expels all other superficial knowledge and takes one to the Bliss Eternal.

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