Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Let the Future Feature Him

Future is unknown, unseen, unachieved and not in the hands of people. So they always worry and die in uncertainty.
We are powerless to know what is stored for us in every moment. It is better to put all confidence in Him, Who is All-merciful.
There's no use being concerned about the future.
Future, that is nothing. You do not know all that. Try to practice Karma (daily actions). Future, that is nothing, that is only Him.
Do not worry about the future. Be content with the past only. Future is best always when it is unknown. Yes, a person's destiny is already planned by Him and cannot be changed.
Don't look back. Look ahead with Him, expecting nothing. Only, don't shut out His Manifestation. Let the future feature Him, Who has taken full charge of you. He is Full and cannot accept anything but Full. But, we human beings cannot live up to it. Why not offer also our frailty to Him? Looking out of His face is a superb experience.

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