Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Ego Separates You from Truth

The ego keeps you apart from Mahanam. Ego, that is, suppose whatever it is you are doing you say, "I am doing." He (Dadaji) cannot do anything other than Him.
Anybody who thinks he's anybody is full of ego.
Don't go pretending to be the doer. Life is like the waves in the sea. For how few moments is the vanity of the I-sense? Can you comprehend it? Like a wave, I shall merge in the sea. At one time there shall be death. In the endless stream of the Infinite ocean of Life, we move. There is no beginning nor end of it. Everyone has to do what little must be done.  
Ego, in your language, is death personified. Why do you hunt after death? Try to know your birth, why you have come here, and what is your purpose. The Almighty has never created us for suffering or bondage or agony. Rather, He suffers for us that when we are born we forget His Purpose. The ego is the root cause of our sufferings and bondage. Complete surrender to Him is the only way to get rid of ego and then to know one's purpose, which is to enjoy this Play of the Divine. Then we understand what is birth.
Superstition and ego these two are, in your language, the great sins. Before all else, you have to obtain release from the hands of these two.
He alone is our Param Guru (Supreme God). Immortal, Eternal He has no birth or death, no bondage even. The question of bondage is our ego only.
Cast off egoism or else there will be no Kingdom of Truth.
You compare and examine due to the compelling force of the ego. You must understand, without surrendering to Him nothing will happen. The herd of cows does not understand this simple thing! What shall I say? This time also no one has understood. All are continuing to remind blind! The root of blindness is the ego.
You have His Love. Know full well that the ego can achieve nothing except going out of the track. Of course, He is in all tracks.
Come, come! Your ego also is His Creation, is it not? How will you carry on your work, deal with your relationships, without it? Remember Mahanam, He will do the rest.
Shake off the sense of ego and be a servant of Name.
Vanity or egoism has divorced us from Truth.
Try and find Him in your own heart, within yourself. Try and get rid of the small i (ego) and you will feel His Presence. Everybody is He, everything is being done by Him through you. Leave everything to Him and there will be peace.
You are nothing other than Him. You have got no right to do anything. A person can not do anything.

The ego intensifies Prarabdha (destined unfolding process of life).
Those who have come along with Him will have to harbor a modicum of ego for His Work.
Divine Grace will descend spontaneously as soon as you will be bereft of your ego.
It is only the individual sense, the ego, that shuts out the awareness of constant communion with Him. A person cannot do anything, cannot sacrifice ego. Just try to surrender to Him. Just try to Love Him. 

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