Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Do Your Duty

Your Only Duty is to Remember Him. Do all the worldly affairs honestly and sincerely. Your only duty is not to forget Him. Always remember Him. That is, be in communion with Him.
What then are we to do? We have to brave the world, bear Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life) with fortitude and do our respective duties without any sense of ego. No restraint, no effort is necessary for Him. We have to be stripped of all mental obsessions and be naked. We have to be decked in the wedding robe of Love Infinite, caring not for the vagaries of mind. We have to be in a state of Swabhava (natural state of attunement with God) abjuring all sense of want, to feel His Presence everywhere. To feel that He is the Agent of all our actions, to feel and visualize Him, and Him only, as One Integral Existence and through loving submission unite with Him. In short, to relish His Rasa (tasting His Love) in the Rasa (tasting) of Nature (physical world) is our only duty. So, passive remembrance of the Mahanam through all vicissitudes of our life is our only duty. Real renunciation or Sannyas, is to be shorn of ego and to be in Swabhava. We are all Purna Kumbhas (full of Him). To install this Consciousness in our empiric being is the only necessity.  
Duty of all human beings is to carry out all activities of life with Him in view.
Evaporation of ego, loving submission to Mahanam, and braving the world of Reality as His bounteous Expression is your duty.
Do your duties. But don't be worried over your burden. Let your burden be the burden of His music of manifestation.
Whatever it is, do your duty. I am within you. I am chanting 24 hours within you. Don't bother for anything, only do your duty.
Only do your duty, that cannot be avoided, the rest leave to Him.
Whatever you do and remember Him, it will be all right. Whatever you do in the Name of Him, then you will feel or tomorrow.

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