Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Purpose of life: Relish His Love, Enjoy His Play

Human beings are born in the body with Him, from His blissful World, to get real Ananda (Supreme Bliss) by the taste of His Love in this mortal and illusory world. But, our superstitious human involvements and irresponsible attitude toward Him, in ignorance do not allow us to come near to Him or to feel His Love for which we get the rare human birth. We ignore Him in pursuit of worldly, deceitful pleasures, profits and attachments, which please now and depress the very next moment. We waste the precious human births given to us. We cannot give up the superstitions of our egoistic living in the world and so we forget Him, the Truth. Even when He comes in our presence, we don't realize it. The Nectar Pot (He) is within, ever wakeful.
What's the use of this life? You are born. Why? It is to realize God or Self, whatever you may call it.
Realization of Truth is the object of life. This can be attained only through Mahanam from within.
You have sojourned here for relishing His Rasa (tasting His Love).
Through lecture it is not possible to understand anything. Lecture is question and answer. But, we do not know why we have come here to earth. That is the main thing. Why have we come and where will we go? Have we come here forever or not? If not forever, there is Something that is doing everything. Actually there is no difference between people. Everybody is the same. Nobody is holy or a saint. Everybody is holy, because other than that Power, nobody is alive. Everything is within. He also is within. Only try to love Him. Love is the answer. Nothing else. Follow or not?
Look, He has sent us to experience His Divine Play. That is why He is pronouncing Mahanam all the time in our heart.
To be born with human form in this mortal world has only one happy object. That is to relish the Joy of God's Love. Only it is the tendency of the human mind to run under the compulsion of innumerable allurements and attachments. But, even being involved in them, what a Supreme Blessing is this human birth. No other beings, Devas, Devis, Gandharavas, and Kinnaras, who live in another world created by Him, can ever taste this Love of Him until they are born as mortal human beings.
How ineffably is this world filled with beauty and flavor! We have come to taste it! But, we have become otherwise engaged.
Enjoy moderately, with Him in view. You will be in His lap.
Be of good cheer and enjoy! If you fail to enjoy yourself here, how dare you expect it after death?
But why do we come into this world at all? In the Integral Existence which was our Primal State, we could not relish the Joy of Love of the Absolute. All Creation is the manifestation of His Joyous Spate (outburst of His Love), and He has come here as many to have a taste of this Joy. This world is His Vraja Leela (Supreme Love Play). But, the mind, without which no relish is possible, sunders us from the Infinite and makes of us so many individuals. The Rasa (taste of Divine Love) of the Absolute is thus screened and the stage is set for relishing the Rasa of (physical) Nature instead. Action and reaction now hold the stage and the mind conceives them into virtue and vice. The Shastras (scriptures) appear with an endless armory of taboos. All manner of spiritual practices grow like mushrooms to trap down the Infinite. But the plain fact that whatever is, is within, does not appear to the egoistic gymnasts. No amount of penance, austerity, or mystic efforts can buy the Infinite for us. We are Infinite, all of us, and Mahanam can only dawn on us through love, through surrender and through complete effacement of ego and desires.
It should be born in mind that we are an essential part of this Creation. And, we should utilize this birth to bring about the peace of Soul and a flawless perfection of the imperfect human civilization.
One has nothing else to desire for other than His Grace, which makes one's life glorious and significant. Otherwise, one is just born to die without purpose. So seek His Grace, do not worry.
Be always with Nam. Then the objective with which you have come here will be realized.
Human birth is given, ultimately to get a fraction of the experience of Immortal Bliss. But, having been born with our forms and mind, the mind runs in various directions with unbridled passions for love and hate, loss and gain, and sundry allurements, so that there remains no scope for the taste of His Love.
If we do not understand the purpose of coming into this world, then the coming has been a waste.
Human life is meant to feel His Divine Play and thereby understand the nobility of the Creator. The mystery of birth will be unfolded only when the sweetness and beauty of the Divine Play which is the Eternal Truth is realized by turning the Consciousness inward.
This life is without any meaning unless we can realize His Divine Play.
We have come to enjoy His Play, remember Him with love, and remain in a natural state.  

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