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HIS FRAGRANCE -- 108 Sayings of Dadaji

1. God is the easiest - the nearest - the dearest.
2. Don't worry, for worry makes you the doer.
3. Do not hanker after anything but Him.
4. You can't hanker after things and realize God.
5. Do not forget that we cannot be separated.
6. I am in you, you are in me - do not forget that together we are in Him. We cannot be separated.
7. No person can be a Guru - each person has within Guru.  
8. Want nothing - get everything. Have Him - have everything. Have everything and not Him, you have nothing.
9. Anyone who tells you they can take you to God is simply not telling the Truth.
10. You can make your business God. Don't make a business out of God.
11. Meditation, asceticism, solitude are self-centered behaviors.  

12. Remember Him, do your duty. Enjoy.
13. Everything other than remembering Him is useless distracting nonsense - only one thing - to realize Him.
14. Even yoga and meditation and bhajan (religious songs) can be distractions - don't believe anyone.
15. If you are devoted to only one form of Deity you are tightening the bonds of Maya (illusion).
16. God does not fill, but instead takes away craving for material and sensual needs.    
17. Don't look to Gurus, and Yogis, and Babas, and Saints...look within.
18. This time of the body is temporary - we are actors and are paid according to our performance.  
19. God says, "Don't try to understand Me – Just Remember."
20. God's Name is the only yoga. Remember Him - that is enough.
21. All paths to God other than Name are of the mind.  
22. You can't realize God intellectually, until He has been realized of the Spirit.
23. Remove intellectual obstacles to Truth. The question is always in error, the answer is always in error.
24. The symbols outside are of what is truly within - even remove the symbols.
25. His Name is your own real being - you are His Temple.
26. Nothing to discard or acquire. Take Name and all will take care of itself.  
27. Theory of negation is absolutely wrong - positive thinking is absolutely wrong. Life is both negative and positive to bring about creative results.  

28. The Truth reveals through Love.
29. Truth is your only companion in this life and even after.
30. In remembering god and realizing his Love there is no room for mental and physical acrobatics.  
31. Just perform the duties with which you are entrusted, sincerely, faithfully, accepting His Will.
32. Recite Mahanam (God's Name within: Gopal Govinda) casually, in the midst of your daily life. The rest         leave to Him, the Doer.
33. God is the sound of your heartbeat, making love to you 24 hours each day.
34. When your heartbeat (He) leaves the body - it becomes useless.
35. If devoted to God you can have anything you want as long as He wants you to have it. This is Grace. If        not devoted, you can have anything you want whether it is good for you or not.  
36. God's Name is constantly being chanted within you, but you can't hear it.
37. About God be careful.  

38. You can't fool Him. Sometimes He lets you think you are fooling Him, in order to make a fool of                   yourself.
39. Unhappiness is a part of the ego - beyond it no such thing exists.
40. In worship the worshipper and the worshipped are identical. When you have realized, He come and             worships you as Himself. 41. Taking Name is the easiest way to love God.
42. Raise God from your heart and make the mind the conscious dwelling place of God.
43. Work itself is God, if it works of itself and you are a passive spectator.    
44. He decides the right time for an elevation to higher states.
45. What need is there to succeed, other than to walk on the level road of God?  Even without a road,               without anything but Him.
46. God has no enemies.
47. Give up all outer appearances of religious attitude to realize Him.
48. Is God in me or am I in God? I am so filled with Him I can no longer differentiate.    49. Trust in Him             with all your heart and mind, and lean not on your own understanding.
50. Rationalization is a mental technique which allows you to lie or cheat without feeling guilty.
51. The ways to God being marketed today are bluff or merely entertainment.  

52. Mantra can not be whispered in your ear. No person can initiate you into God. This is all humbugism and       exploitation.
53. You are not a channel; you have come in His Name, with His Name and Love.
54. I have come with Him. He has come with me. I am not even a guide.
55. Why a need for temples and ashrams? The whole world is His ashram.
56. God does not punish - He educates.
57. In God there is no such word as 'partly'.
58. It doesn't make any difference whether you understand or you don't. Most are incapable of                           understanding. have blind faith in His Name.
59. To realize Him is the only love.
60. As soon as you say - I am the Guru, I am the doer - you are an egoist.
61. The body and mind do not feed the spirit. It goes the other way.
62. Eating, drinking, sex, these are things of the body. Let the mind and the body agree.  
63. Do not force anything - let it all happen naturally.
64. We have come into the world to taste and enjoy Him. let us become His disciple not the worldly Guru's. 65. When those who sell God realize God, they will be out of business.

66. Do not run after God - do not run before Him - walk with Him.
67. I love you because you are a lover of the Almighty.
68. The realized know the realized.
69. There is a big difference between His permission and His Will.
70. God is not religious. He cares not for Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus - He loves           and blesses the atheist also.
71. I want only Him as my lover. God is the only lover; why settle for less?
72. Human love is fickle and fragile and imbued with egoism. Remember Him, His love is pure, everlasting.
73. In the scriptures, when it is written, "I shall come again," it means the fragrance of god appears in our             hearts again.
74. You cannot realize God. God realizes Himself when you no longer need anything.
75. Mahanam (God's Name within: Gopal Govinda) slowly purifies you in love, if the floodgates of your               heart are flung open.
76. Being a saint or a monk has not to do with God, but acceptance by tradition.
77. You can't learn about yourself except in experience.  

78. We must come to a place where there are no Vedas, no Gita, no Bible. He above all should be the path      that suits us all best.
79. Even for a few moments, forget where you are, who you are, and you will remember who you really are. 80. So many are unhappy and in mourning for their lives.
81. Death of the body is natural to the old. Don't interfere, they should find comfort in it.
82. Just to have a human form is already a great joy. To know there is only God to look forward to is an             incomparable joy.
83. Better than praising the good and condemning the wicked is to seek God.
84. You reach a Divine orgasm when you are re- united with Yourself.
85. We are like bed sheets, one red, one blue, one black, all the same cotton; one beautiful, another ugly, a third holy and a fourth seemingly wicked, but the Divine dwells within all of us.

86. Nobody who has realized Him  is ever bored with life.
87. Remember Him, do what you do, not the other way around.
88. Follow His secret footprints,  His secret fragrance, His secret music that are in your heart and                       everywhere.  
89. If you are one with Him, you are the temple, the world is the ashram. Why  go around collecting money for God? All the money is His. He needs nothing.
90. Why the temples, churches and ashrams? No scriptures ask for them. They are the business of men,            exploiters.
91. Everyone is getting their karmic share in Truth.  
92. We have to forget ourselves completely in order to remember Him.
93. If you remember Him, the lives of those around you will be enriched, more joyful, more realized.
94. We cannot compete with or question the Almighty.
95. It is absurd to ask how fire burns or water quenches thirst or why it freezes.
96. What seems like chance or luck is really God.
97. Wisdom is knowing you are only an actor. Ignorance is when you think you are not.    

98. When the man and women, Adam and Eve (Radha and Krishna), in you are at peace with one another they cease to exist and become the Garden of Eden (Brindavan).
99. Seek God not away from Life but in Life itself.
100. Penance (work) is necessary for existence in this world but not for Him.
101. Unless you are shorn of your ego and are beyond your mind, you cannot be in tune with Him.
102. He is you and your existence is the way to Him.
103. Man can do magic - only God can do a miracle.
104. Be of good cheer, you have nothing to get. Everything that is is within.  

105. Find God's Name in your heart and repeat it constantly.
106. Name is god. Truth is One. Mankind is One. Language is One. Truth, Self and God are identical.
107. Human being is essentially God and our birth is to taste that Divine Bliss in every second of our                     existence with Love.
108. Dadaji is nobody; neither agent nor an instrument. The Supreme Will can make anything possible. 

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