Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Physical Nature: He Appears as Many

Have no fear. The entire paraphernalia of Nature is the Creation of the Supreme Being, the All pervading Truth. For the relish of His Divine Play, He has appeared as many in the mirror of the mind. All activities here are of this world, scientific study not excepted. Far from being shunned, they are to be fully participated in and enjoyed. The Divine Play is intrinsically bipolar, having positive and negative, ups and downs, good and bad, etc. Oscillations between them provide the basis for all the creative possibilities of this Play. When the Play is over, the two poles coalesce into mere Existence, all existents having disappeared.
See how material science keeps changing from Age to Age. What is at one time established as true, gets overthrown sometime later. Don't you know Nature moves at a furious rate? There is no beginning or end of this movement. It is Eternal. His Science is the ruling factor over Nature. When Nature is manifested, it follows laws. You talk about Sattva (essence), Raja (energy), Tama (mass), and so on. But, your Dada says that the thing is One. The difference lies only in the stages of manifestation. Where there are Gunas, the real (essence, energy, mass), not as the word refers to personal qualities (goodness, activity, passivity), there is matter and vice versa. Actually, the two are not separate.
Think about it, He has made certain rules and regulations for the sake of His Creation. In this Creation, just as calamities appear, to find a way out of them He has provided the means. Fire burns a person to ashes. Again, deriving energy from the same fire, such big factories and ships are run. Fire is present in both these situations, one of annihilation and the other of creation. In the same manner, as we see troubles and bondage in God's Creation, so also we see that He has made the means of attaining safety and liberation. When you take on a body then, in the realm of Nature, the power of Yogamaya (Divine Creative Force) is bound to create restrictions and obstacles in the course of life for individuals, families, societies and even for nations.
When the world is hit by storms, rains, cyclones, you may think, why does Nature behave in an unnatural way? Of course, Nature has a tendency to grow restless, but is it a breach of law? In your words, good and evil, auspicious and ominous, all these are mere states of mind.
Calcutta is hotter than Bombay, but it does not matter. One gets accustomed. There is no question of tolerance or forbearance. Actually, we get seasoned when we realize that one Supreme Truth pervades the universe, manifesting in different colors, forms, tastes, and also different weather conditions.
There are endless materials in Nature for our enjoyment, but we have turned them into objects of greed and aspiration.
When one does not live life in a natural manner, then a conflict develops between Nature and the existing mode of life. That person, by walking on the wrong path invites calamity.
Certainly there is a chain of action and reaction. Is it not? If I discard Prakriti (physical Nature), why should she come (submit in love) to me? Nature can certainly be controlled with Love.
When in the domain of Nature, you must acquiesce in Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life).

Faith proves itself, much as science proves physical facts. Spiritual and physical Nature obey their own laws, which meet at a point. For the Mind-maker and the World-maker are the same Supreme Being. He has physical or cosmic laws, and also moral and mental laws. These work in different ways, but converge at a point, however distant it may be. Apparent contradictions resolve at a far end.

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