Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Surrender Yourself in Full Faith

Try to keep faith in Him, Who is the Source, the Energy, the Life.
If you leave everything to Him, He has to come to your rescue. You need not even call Him, because the surrender is so great. It has become His responsibility then to come to your rescue. Those who depend on God with full faith none can make them small or harm them. Go ahead with this firm faith.
Love Him, surrender yourself to Him and the moment you surrender your entire existence to Him, He will be the pilot of your life and will take the vehicle to safe landing.
What is needed (to realize Truth)? Time factor, submission, no intelligence, no mind....nothing.
Just you try to surrender.
One has to be in Him. Self-resignation and to brave Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life) with fortitude are the only requisites.
Surrender and you are transported to a plane beyond virtue and vice. Virtue and vice are subject to the mind.
Complete surrender to Supreme Being leads to emancipation, realization, and salvation.
Surrender your unknowing to the Knowing.
You must be naked before Him.
The surrender must be perfect and complete. The heart must be purified of all desires.
Self-realization is not possible in its fullest and truest sense through any other means except perfect and absolute self-surrender.
The individual ego is the root cause of all trouble and the greatest obstacle. Ego must be overcome by complete surrender to Him.
Submission to Him only matters. But, you cannot submit; it will come when it will come. You have only to watch and wait, with Him in your heart, while doing your duties that come your way in a matter of course. He loves you all the while. Remember this.
A person has no authority to dictate to life because He is doing all in the universe. This body is He also. We have come with a hired body, so whatever He does, He does with His body and mind set by Him, for Him, to come to Him. A person has no choice. But, everything will not happen in a day. Wait. Be patient.
Perfect and absolute self-surrender to God, and a constant desireless or choiceless awareness of Him charged with single-minded devotion and reliance, is the only perfect or real Yoga. Since then God within us takes over the entire responsibility for our lives, works in His own Divine and Infallible way and Captains the ship of our life to its final destiny, realization of our True Nature.

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