Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Space and Time Exist Only in Your Mind

The world is an escapable Reality. Space and time each have infinite dimensions. Every segment of space is present in every other segment. Can't this place be Bombay or Benares? Every split second also is present in every other second. So, space and time are both ubiquitous (everywhere simultaneously). In fact, time is a ceaseless duration and space an unfettered expanse. So an elsewhere and elsewhen reality appears as here and now. The Prarabdha (destined evolutionary process) of space and time is supervened (when a miracle occurs). Matter is One. Indistinguishable, it wears different looks on different occasions. There is no dichotomy of matter and spirit. They are one Integer, it is the Sole Reality. It is the autocratic Will of Satyanarayan (Supreme Creator of Truth), the ultimate Reality that is actualized in the form of miracles.
The new year of the calendar is a human creation. In mind is the space-time complex, but He is beyond time and space. Calendar time is just repetition of time, fixed by the human mind. The mind gets fullness of right vision or Enlightenment when, while being in this body, it becomes conscious of Him. Then, that moment is mind's new year, a new birth of Light. In that state, one loses the boastful I-sense in one's activities and even if the senses and desires drive the mind, the bridle is held by the Lord Himself, or the Nam, so that one cannot go astray. Humans take the human form from Him to realize this Truth, the only real enjoyment. But, they never bother to get at this Truth of life. Nobody feels grateful that He, Who is All-merciful, continuously showers His Grace on His created beings. He always waits to relieve.
Does space exist? Space and time exist only in your mind. There is no limit to space. The world is only a small speck.  
He, Who is Truth, is beyond space and time. Humanity is limited by mind in space and time.
It is a most difficult task not to think of past, present and future. Whoever can get rid of this thought cannot be pulled down by punishments or blows. Intriguing time cannot put him or her down. A person nurses recollections of the past, thinks for the future security, but does not take care of the present and throws away its gifts. But, the one who can fully relish and utilize the present, without worrying about present, past and future, he or she really enjoys the state of Vraja (the Supreme), His Love.

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