Wednesday, 13 November 2013

His Fragrance Beckons You

A certain region is replete with Fragrance. Have the urge to go there.
Fragrance is the real Vanshi Dhwani (sound of Lord Krishna's flute calling all to Him). The sound of His flute is His Fragrance. It is All-pervasive.
The prankful exhibits (miracles) that are manifested here may be extraneous, but when one gets Aroma (Dadaji's Fragrance) at a distance of 1000 miles, is that, too, extraneous? That is manifestation of Will Supreme.
When Mahanam becomes manifest, the Name Himself becomes manifest and the entire body becomes a fragrant oblation.
Dada's body Fragrance is indeed the Vanshi (flute) of Sri Krishna Bhagwan Himself. Can the flute be heard at a great distance? It is the body Fragrance that reminds one of Him.

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