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God is Within as Mahanam

God is within, in the deep recesses of our heart, in the form of the two sounds of Mahanam (Great Name). Mahanam is at the root of our respiration and all vibrations of the world are Mahanam. One sound, Gopal, appraises you of the Supreme; the other sound, Govinda, of the Beyond. This Mahanam is our real Self, the Guru. The human mind is only the pragmatic self which cuts into pieces the Integral Existence that is Mahanam, and therefore exhibits multiplicity. We have to be wedded to Mahanam before we can get entry into this world. This is the real Diksha (initiation into Self), but since we have forgotten It an earthly Diksha in the form of visualizing the Mahanam happens to remind us. No earthly Guru can initiate a person or, in other words, give Diksha. It (Mahanam) is spontaneously manifested as and when It chooses.
The Divine Will, which is the outward manifestation of Sri Satyanarayan, is the sole Creative and Sustaining Principle in this universe. As Divine Power, or Energy, It (Mahanam) is revealed to our senses in various forms. It is the Shabdabrahman (Shabda means sound, Brahma refers to God, the Essence of Existence) of Vedanta, the Vac (primal Sound as the matrix of Creation) of Rigveda, and the Word of the Bible. Each of these terms is misleading if taken in the literal sense. In It's true import, It (Mahanam) is identical with Truth.
By Diksha (initiation) you realize Him. Genuine Diksha means revelation. You must see what is going on within your Self. That is Truth.
This Mahanam is the be-all and end-all of your Life, of all Existence. The matrix of all multiplicity, Mahanam is the Eternal Refuge of all Existence. The two sounds (Gopal Govinda) epitomize the bipolarity of our Life here in the world. Wedded to this Mahanam, which is being chanted of Itself around the clock in the vacuous region of the heart, we have come into this world, which is an overflowing of the Joy of Infinite Existence. Existence, Consciousness, Joy...this is the order of progressive manifestation of the Infinite. In Existence as Existence, the two sounds are in perfect identity. That is Satyanarayan, symbol of basal Truth, and Mahanam is His Joyous Manifestation.
Submit to Mahanam in Love and brave the world. Do your work with Him as the Agent. Have patience with the vicissitudes of life which are tokens of His Infinite Love. Don't restrain, don't indulge. Be natural, shorn of all inhibitions. Religion is nothing divorced from life. Work is worship when the sole frame of reference is the Soul, the vibrant Mahanam.
No one can come into this world without the two sounds of Mahanam vibrating within. Locked in wedlock to It, each one comes here and forgets It outright. The Mahanam vibrates within the vacuous region of the heart, which is the place of repose of all respiration unruffled by any mental modes. This Mahanam is Prana (Life). Gopal Govinda is the warp and woof of your Existence. The respiratory function is set into motion by It's spontaneous vibration. If you closely follow the track of respiration you may be led to a rediscovery of the vibration of Mahanam. A misunderstanding of this situation paved the way for progressively monstrous physical and mental gymnastics in the name of Yoga and Tantra.
Other than Name, there is nothing. Name is the Supreme Authority. Name is the Guru. Name is God. Name is Almighty and Truth. No need of going to anybody, going anywhere. You have  come full of Him. Why do you bother running after all these things (religious places and  practices)? He is the Father. He is 24 hours inside of us, giving us Life. So carry on, do your duty (remember Him) and do your work.
It is Mahanam that is the Supreme Power, nothing else.
Name is Truth.
Remember Mahanam with love and complete self-surrender. That is the only way. He is far out of reach of the clever and merely learned. By no means can you get Him through ritual. Only through love!
For sustaining us and sustaining the entire paraphernalia of Nature, He is ever chanting the Mahanam.
Everybody is born with Mahanam within. But, with birth one forgets it, forgets one's True Nature, Divine Nature.
His Name is your own being. You are His Temple.
We have come here with the sound of Mahanam chiming within us continuously around the clock. That is the Guru, our Beloved. The ego shuts It out from us, hence, we cannot perceive or hear It. But, we can have Mahanam from Him for the mere asking. A human being has no role in it.
Your Mahanam, Mahamantra (Great Name of the Supreme Creator), is within you. It has been vibrating within your heart since your birth. You and you alone can find it. No outsider, other than yourself, can reveal it to you. The point of stasis of respiration is the domain of Name. When one sits before Sri Sri Satyanarayan for Mahanam, one sees his or her own Self. It is a direct communion between the seeker and Self. Dadaji stands here as witness. The waves of the vibration are chanted in a resonant voice through the ears of the seeker, then are reflected in words communicating the Eternal form of the Mahanam for a moment. This is real Diksha (Self- initiation of Name) or Darshan (seeing Supreme Creator). As soon as the veil of ego, and not Maya (Divine Creative Power), evolves in the mind of the seeker It (Mahanam) disappears.
Many seekers of Truth confuse my action at the time of their seeking Mahanam from Sri Sri Satyanarayan. I am nobody there. My role is that of a witness. The seeker sees the Mahanam, which is the Name of Self, dwelling in the seeker's heart and constantly chanting the Mahanam. The resonant sound of Mahanam is heard by the seeker at the time of revelation. This Mahanam reminds the seeker that he or she was born with the Mahanam, but has forgotten it due to ego.
One who has received initiation (Diksha) of Divine Name has to pay honorarium for it. Savory recollection is the honorarium. It is verily the avidity to turn oneself into Vrindavan (playground of love). The mind in the state of Manjari (like a budding seed) tastes the Rasa (relishing the Divine Love) of Govinda (God within). That is what is meant by residence in Vrindavan.
The region of repose of respiration within the body, which is Void, is the place wherefrom out of Void emerges Name. Therein lie Vrindavan and Govinda. It has no contact with the body inasmuch as it transcends mind. The concentrated mind is Buddhi (Absolute, discriminative, intuitive). This state is possible only when one goes beyond mind or when one reaches the Void. I am kissing myself, kissing kiss itself. The mind flowers into a sheaf (Manjari), the intelligence grows transparent (conscious), and the elan vital (life force) becomes Joy.

Do not be thoughtful over the Mahanam you have received. It is Itself the Absolute Truth.
Repeat the Name. Keep thinking about Him and the rest will be taken care of. Don't think of me. Think of God.
Even Name exists not. It is all Void.
Mahamantra, which is eternally going on in the Soul, can only come from momentary union with the Soul.
Anyone can receive this Nam, or Mahanam, from Him direct.
The Self plays the dual role, that of the Guru and the disciple at the same time. It becomes identified at the moment of receiving the Mahanam, when the Self becomes the Guru and shows His own Name to the seeker, who is the eternal disciple.
Come near me. Take Mahanam. Now you have realized.
It (Mahanam) is not written. It is your own. Dadaji has no connection with that. Dadaji cannot do anything. That is why I am telling, don't believe Dadaji also. Just you believe him as Elder Brother.
Did I utter anything into your ear? The Mahanam that came to you has always been ringing in your Soul. You have heard your own Mantra. You are your own Guru. I am no Guru, simply a Brother.
Those who have received Mahanam, will be delivered even in this birth. But, in some cases one might be born again for five or seven or ten years. Those who have slipped off, will suffer an enormously intensified Prarabdha (destined unfolding maturation process). You will find them raising alarms, however they will be delivered.

In this matter (Mahanam) Dada has no credit or authority. He showers His Mercy just like that. He is ever wakeful. Sri Krishna himself and Mahaprabhu gave Mahanam in this manner in every age. Did they ever call themselves Guru?
Nam (Supreme Name) alone is Real. Everything else is unreal. Nam is chanted in Prana (Life). The tongue is useless here.
It is futile to compare a Mantra given by so-called (human) Guru and the Mahanam you have received from Sri Sri Satyanarayan. Diksha means to see. You have seen your Mahanam. It comes from within you. Your Dada is mere witness. The reason of your Mahanam being secret is It is fully yours. In Inner World, He, Who is thousands of times your own and lovable, and whose Darshan for once only is more that sufficient in life, must be non-expressive.
The sincerity and depth of Love seated in your heart gets more deepened and purified by the revelation and touch of Mahanam. His Name and He are the same.
Submit to Satyanarayan, the Supreme Consciousness. Disengage yourself from your ego. Let your I (ego) abdicate in favor of Him and you are blessed with the sound and vision of that Mahanam through His Infinite Grace.
Complete surrender in love to Mahanam, which is the warp and woof of our Existence, is the only way.

The individual has nothing else to do except call to mind that Mahanam.
Do nothing, but practice remembering and adhering to Nam.
Keep on remembering Mahanam, the Name of the Lord, the seed that has been sown in your heart. It is a wonderful key that makes every door open of its own accord. 

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