Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Remember Him Amidst Your Work

The remembrance of Him amidst your work is an act of love. So, love is the path to Truth. This insures integrity of character and purity of conduct.
Be in His Work most devotedly. Your work is His Work.
Work itself is God, if it works of itself and you are a passive spectator. Just perform the duties with which you are entrusted faithfully, accepting His Will. Don't worry, for worry makes you the doer. Penance (work) is necessary for Existence in this world, but not for Him. Remember Mahanam casually in the midst of your daily life. The rest, leave to Him, the Doer.
He, Who has destined you in your penance (work), is all the time with you. As long as you are in His Sharan (remembrance), He is there with you.
The concentration and sincerity with which you do your work is the only Tapasya, the hardest of penances. No meditation will ever be able to reach that plane of Truth, unless it is channeled through work. Just be aware of the fact that you are the instrument. The real Doer is the Almighty Himself.
You have come here for certain work. You shall have to do it. Afterward, you shall have to go to your permanent House. By remembering Him, you realize Him. That is true work.
Every bit of work is worship. But, the moment any kind of work grips your consciousness as the one thing indispensable and it stems the tide of your life, it is invested with the multiple nuances and drives of your ego and lacks spirituality.
Let not your work bring in its wake an endless cycle of work. Rather, be with Him. Work belongs to Him. But your duty, you must not evade.
Suppose you are going to work, mind function exists. When you start that work, you go beyond the mind.
Do submit to your within, Mahanam. Isolation or a crowded hour makes no difference with Him. You grow ascetic and try to create an ivory tower around you if you try to avoid your duties. You should not be enchained by the work effort even. Let work grow into your life as your duties.  Let work, work itself out through you.
We have come here to do a particular work. How will it go on unless we do that?
Work is one's own Dharma (Religion).
Devote yourself to your domestic duties.
The individual can at best put in effort (for work), regardless of the result.
We fail to realize how hectic work may be embalmed with rest, how we can work without doing anything and its reverse. We are enchained by our blind habits, our multiform idolatry.
Work itself is sacrifice.
Work is penance, indeed. The only penance is to brave the outrages of Prarabdha (destined unfolding of life).
Just try to love Him and do your duty. Duty is the first thing. Duty is Karma, work.
Your one hand is held by Him and the other one is left free for your daily actions. So go ahead, no need for worry. Dadaji is always with you.
Go through your daily activities. Karma, whatever one does is Karma. Actions and reactions in the mind lead to one's activity. Let the fruit of action be decided and bestowed by Him because the result comes from Him.
Your responsibility is to perform your actions (Karmas) with full sincerity and honesty. You must do Karma. There is no other way out without Karma. There is no knowledge without Karma. You are seeing, hearing, eating something....all this is Karma, and this Karma is knowledge.
Actions performed as offering to Him, the Guru, the Parameshwar (Absolute Lord of Lords), bloom fully with His Glory. They do not reach fullness of expression as long as there is mind, intelligence, and pros and cons about their results.
He gets moved by our constant remembrance of Nam. With His Touch your works will be All blissful, All-joyful. Sadhus (holy people) and Yogis want to attain this state by efforts, rituals, meditations and austerities, but doing such things they cannot get His Love, a real joyful state. A person gets it only by the natural process of living.
One cannot undertake any work without a pragmatic end in view. So, with attachment one has to do one's work, although without any desire for the results. No sooner has the work been finished, the attachment evaporates. That should be the mental attitude.  

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