Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Golden Age of Truth

Satya, Treta, Dvapara, Kali, how many of these Ages come and go? Can you grasp it by my telling you? It will sound like a magical illusion. But, those who know can see All.
In this Kali Yuga, the only way to channel the stream of our individual Existence into the vast Ocean of the Cosmic Consciousness is to remember the Mahanam while performing the daily work and duties.
Even in the Satya and Treta Yugas, it (the way to Truth) was Nama and Nama alone. No deliverance is possible except through Mahanam.
In Kali Yuga, there is no question of virtue and vice. Nama is the be-all and end-all.
Excellent, excellent is the Kali Yuga! The reward which one obtains in the Satya Age by abstract meditation, in the Treta Age by sacrifices, in the Dvapara Age by adoration, one receives in the Kali Age by merely remembering the names (Gopal Govinda) of Keshava (Lord Krishna).
Humanity is in the Kali Age, that is correct. But the current interpretation of it is not correct. Science was far more advanced in Dvapara at the time of the Kurukshetra War, a global War. This Kali is the worst of times and yet it is the best of times.
Earlier in the Dvapara Age, the use of atomic energy was known. There is nothing new. Solar energy will be used in the future world.
The nineteenth and twentieth century science is Kali's last chapter.
Time is running out. Great destruction is standing right in front of us. That is why he (Dadaji) became revealed already before 1972. Your Dada is helpless, just like you.
It is the human Conscience which will be dawned at the culmination of this Kali Yuga.
Do not act as your own enemy.
Out of the turbulence of Kali Yuga, Satya Yuga (Age of Truth) will emerge again. The Infinite dimension will be unraveled through the dynamic process of change in Spirit.
The Supreme Will of Satyanarayan has ushered into manifestation Maha Kala (great danger) with a view to knocking the knavery (dishonesty) out of Kala (individualized activity) in the form of Kali (abundance of ego) and to establish Satya Yuga in the world.
Satyanarayan is the solution to the mind's problems of this Kali Age. There is no other way. This is Truth. One day the whole world will accept this view of Dadaji.
Satyanarayan comes because He comes, because the Supreme Will so decides. Let him (Dadaji) alone, even Mahaprabhu or Ram Thakur come only once. Had they been here in this earth in Satya, Treta, Dvapara or even other Kali's preceding or succeeding the present one, they would have cut no ice. This is a very special Kali, at once the worst of times and the best of times. The worst because the traditional human values the world over have been liquidated. Humanity has been reduced to a machine for reciprocal exploitation. Nature is out of joint and is in tumult. Human culture and Nature alike are groping for a point of equilibrium, which is now furthest from them thanks to computerization of all Existence. In short, the salt of all Existence is fast running out. The salt of Nature is Law designed to manifest Him through its impact on the freedom of heart, the heart, which is the salt (essence) of a person. But, it is also the best of times for the same reasons. For there was never before a time in history when humanity was so much denuded of social, moral and religious obsessions and taboos, and Nature of her obsessions.
A basic question is, "Why does he (Dadaji) come at all? If the Guru is within, as two sounds of Mahanam (Gopal Govinda) which is our Identity; if we are full to the brim; if we have to get nothing and far less from outside; if all people are equal; and, if all manifestation through body and mind is limitation; why does he come at all?" Here one is compelled to say that, though what Dadaji says and impresses upon the people is one hundred per cent correct, it all is proved false when Satyanarayan makes His Advent. Not that he (Dadaji) breaks law, which is already on the breaking point, but Nature in her overflowing joy breaks it. The King comes to visit His Colony and even criminals condemned for life are released. He (Dadaji) comes to suffer very really and to integrate in himself all suffering of humanity and Nature, thus sanctifying it. He comes to pay off his debt to human and subhuman Nature. This is called Radha-rin. His body is material and finite, yet it is Infinite and Immaterial. Wherever he goes, his Touch, Vision, Fragrance, deliver whatever comes into their contact. The foundational Nature being thus delivered, he has no necessity of coming here for the second time. Remember Name for emancipation, realization and liberation. This is the only path in Kali Yuga. And now has appeared the sum total power of Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali, all four together (in Dadaji). Can we understand this? Everyday innumerable events are taking place. But, has anybody attained anything? People come only to see the physical world. Nobody wants the real Substance. Note that very bad days are coming. There is no more time left. In Mahanam alone is there liberation.  

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